Searching For Your First Bachelor Pad: Important Things To Consider

Finding accommodation as a bachelor often seems far less challenging than what it really is. This is the result of several details most first time renters and buyers generally overlook for understandable reasons. While there may not be a one-size-fits-all guide to assist every bachelor in finding perfect accommodation, you can find the perfect bachelor pad for you by considering the following things.

Your Budget vs Your Expectations

Before you can start hunting for rentals, you will have to determine a budget, and along with your budget, you should also consider your expectations. It should go without saying that your expectations should be realistic. However, the only real way to determine practical standards for your budget allowance is to shop around online to get an idea of price ranges.

Furnished vs Unfurnished

If you opt for a furnished rental, a simple online search for furnished apartments Toronto or your specific area is a great way to start your search. If you have not yet considered furnished options, you may find attractive benefits such as luxury living on a budget quite alluring. This solution also minimizes moving effort significantly. Although, there are also a few small downfalls which may include apartments not allowing pets.

On the other hand, should you opt for an unfurnished apartment, your monthly rent may be slightly lower. However, you will need to increase your budget significantly to allow furniture affordability. The prices of furniture are by no means low, so you may have to start small with only the essentials.

Your Space Requirements

Bachelor apartments are generally relatively tiny homes that accommodate no more than one person. However, the sizes of this category of homes can still vary drastically as some bachelor apartments showcase a living room and bedroom combo. In contrast, others showcase a bedroom separate from the living area. The general sizing of each room can also vary drastically depending on the apartment and the location.

If you are working from home or consider yourself something of an introvert, it would be best to opt for a separate bedroom apartment to avoid feeling boxed in between 4 small walls. Alternatively, smaller compact apartments are perfectly acceptable for those who aren’t home all too often.

Location And Utilities

When searching for your perfect bachelor apartment, location is an essential factor to weigh in on the decision making process. Your home should be relatively close to your place of work, family, and friends. This factor will affect your budget significantly, as travel costs can become a massive spend.

One of the more overlooked factors for those renting for the first time is the factor of utility bills. Even though it may seem quite blatant that water and lights will cost you each month, it is relatively easy to overlook just how much it can cost. Before signing any lease agreement, it is best to query the average cost of utilities in the area as these costs can vary according to the area, number of individuals living in the home, and even according to the season.