Reasons Why People Wants to Get Back With Their Exes

Ending a romantic relationship, especially a long term one, is one of the most difficult things you can possibly experience. And yet, it happens quite often; heartache and sadness are par for the course for the vast majority of us. Even if it’s not a nasty breakup and you end up becoming friends, there is usually a sense of loss that lingers after a relationship is over. 

On the other hand, lots of people break up, swearing that they never want to see each other ever again, only to end up together once again, right back where they started. It’s almost as though the conflict never even happened. If you’re scratching your head over the mercurial nature of human relationships or are wondering if you can get back together with your ex, continue reading to learn more.

Enjoying the Comfort Zone

Even if a breakup was terribly nasty, there is a tendency of former Missoula couples to get back together after a few weeks once things have cooled off, much to the bewilderment of pretty much everyone around them. We all know that one couple that seems to be at each other’s throats, only to get back together as soon as they swear each other off like a bad cold. Why? 

The number one reason is that both parties miss the well-established comfort zone they shared, even if the passion is gone. Instead of gathering the energy to date other people and start from scratch, it’s easy to just get back to each other and retread familiar waters. You already know each other’s quirks and can navigate most issues in a way that lacks the tension of mystery – some would say passionless, but it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Getting into another relationship is more stressful than people realize, and it’s normal to wonder whether all these new “endeavors” can amount to a colossal waste of time. Soon enough, the initial relationship looks dreamy and worth fighting for again.

Making Amends

A healthier and less neurotic reason why many couples get back together is the desire to make amends. What usually happens is that one party, or perhaps even both, realize that they were at fault, so they try their best to salvage what was once a healthy and nearly perfect relationship. As Sam from explains, there are numerous tangible ways in which you can get back your soulmate, and so long as the other party is receptive to these overtures, then it is worth trying. Many couples realize they have called it quits too soon, and get back together with the intention of being more mindful of each other’s feelings and needs moving forward. Besides, Missoula is abundant in romantic spots that are perfect to pursue the get-back-together strategy.

Maintaining the Social Network

This might seem a bit strange, but young people in Missoula often mention that they stick it out together simply because they share the same circle of friends and acquaintances, and trying to split up can create a huge rift. When we take the population and territory of Missoula into account, it’s more obvious that you would have to encounter you ex more often than just occasionally. 

Think about it: if you ever knew a couple – they could even be your parents – who split up and ultimately got divorced, wasn’t it awkward and strange when their friends suddenly had to split into two camps, almost forced to choose sides? It’s the same concept. If you and your partner share the same friends and your lives have become so deeply entwined socially, it may be harder to stay broken up. You may bump into each other more often than you’d like at social functions, and even see each other’s social media platforms constantly, which is an added stressor.

In this case, you won’t just see each other from afar and wave an awkward hello, as you may have to hang out at communal dinners and make small talk. Otherwise, one of you will risk losing your friends to the other ex. It’s no wonder then, that many people just decide to get back together. Whether it’s to make life easier or because they suddenly realize through plenty of forced interactions that they actually still like each other, this tends to happen more often than you’d think. 

Fear of Loneliness

Another extremely common reason people tend to get back together is simply that they realize that they fear being alone more than staying in an unfulfilling relationship. Very few people would enjoy being alone at home or going out by themselves after months or years in a committed relationship. It can be unbearable and it’s actually more comfortable to get back together.

Sometimes couples get back together for the right reasons, and they realize that they were meant to be together. Other times, it can be for the completely wrong reasons, but the fog of denial can be too heavy, preventing the couple from seeing the truth for an excruciating period of time. The best-case scenario will always be that a person decides to get back together with their ex because they realized that they should make amends, and they both end up working hard on the relationship together.