How to Choose the Perfect Crypto Trading Platform

It seems like all people are talking about lately are their investments. With the market going through some serious fluctuation this year because of uncertainty due to global events, it makes sense to be concerned about where your money is. The typical assets that people own in terms of investing are a real estate/income property, stocks, mutual funds, and retirement funds. There has to be more to it than just these traditional methods of growing your money, right? If you have that question, then there is an answer for you – cryptocurrency.

The word cryptocurrency causes some doubt to creep into many people’s minds because they are unsure about what it is. Cryptocurrency, as defined by the Bitcoin Era website, is a store of value in a decentralized method of transactions for digital finance. This currency is more of an investment for trading and holding, rather than spending, and that means having a safe and secure place to hold it. There are crypto trading platforms all over the internet, but not every one of them is built the same. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect trading platform to help you build your wealth.

Automated Trade Features

Allowing a broker to manage your money for investments in stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs is a good way to give a certified financial expert to make the right decisions for your money. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are similar methods that can be taken advantage of. Automated trading implements bots to help calculate probability and risk management to secure the best value for your transactions, and this detailed look at bitcoin revolution shows how useful it can be for your investing needs. The ability to execute trades is difficult because of human intuition, but automated trading features can help bypass your hesitations if you want to make better trading calls. If you need a platform that can help you trade while you are busy, or help you make executive decisions, then this is a feature to look for.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Many platforms have deposit limits. These same platforms may have withdrawal limits as well, they often go hand in hand. Investors in cryptocurrency that are holding their investments for the long term usually do not mind these limits, but if you want to trade to make money and withdraw quickly, then these limits can pose a problem. There are minimums that many platforms have that require as little as $1 to $10, and some can go up to $100. Withdrawal limits can be up to $8000 at a time which makes it harder for traders to get their money. Look for any limits when choosing your platform so you know how easy it will be for you to cash out when investing and trading.

Payment Functionality

In conjunction with deposit and withdrawal limits, there is also the need to check for payment functionality. What this means is what kind of payment the crypto trading platform supports. Does it allow for PayPal, credit card, and bank card? Is it only one or two of those options? These are important questions to ask depending on your region and whether crypto trading is recognized and allowed and what kind of funding you can use for your account. Some platforms even offer credit cards designed for their services which is a feature to look into, but you always want to check if you can fund your account before committing to it.

Fees and Commissions

Trading through conventional means with brokerage firms, banks, and investment firms can carry fees or commissions on trades. This can cut into the profit margin if you are making smaller investments at a time and incentivizes larger sums for trading and investing. This can happen with cryptocurrency trading platforms too. Trading low quantities of crypto, say $10 worth, with a $5 fee would negate the profits from each trade. Knowing how much you are actually getting out of your trades after fees or commissions can greatly increase your personal profit margins rather than helping make someone else money. The most common rate for fees is 0.5% which is more than fair and will not harm your chances of making money.

Cryptocurrency Support

One of the biggest needs for your choice of a trading platform is the list of cryptocurrencies it supports. Many platforms will trade the most popular and viable cryptos, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, etc. but some lack options after that. Many investors and traders like to focus on these coins because they provide a lot of value as the main cryptos that even many mainstream investors know about, but it could be preferable to find platforms that offer altcoins for future trading needs. Make sure to always find a platform with at minimum, the most popular cryptocurrencies for trading needs.

Security and Safety

When dealing with any financial transactions, trading, saving or investing, you need to be sure that your money will be safe. Cryptocurrency is an entirely digital transaction process so it is just as, if not more susceptible to fraud and hacking. Picking your preferred crypto trading platform means finding one with excellent encryption functions and security features. Many of these platforms may ask for bank information, and even your social insurance number, which is not unheard of if it is registered and backed by financial institutions in your country. It is important to be wary though as some try to get your personal information, so read reviews and see what people say about their experience. Two-step authentication passwords are a good sign that the services of the platform are secure and safe, so look for this when finding a trading service.

Cryptocurrency is making people a lot of money, but with that comes the knowledge that it can be volatile just like any traditional form of investments. Beyond that knowledge, you need to know how people can succeed in this new world of decentralized currency trading. Finding the right platform at to invest and trade is your first step towards learning how to turn potential into real results. Provided here are those tips that you need to find that perfect crypto trading platform to get you to your goals.