Factors to Consider When Planning an Office Layout

When in the first stages of designing a new office it can seem a little daunting as to what to do where. Is this design going to be successful? Where do I put all the desks? Are there too many computers in this area? There are many questions you’re going to ask yourself before going ahead with the build. This is a normal process that every business owner goes through before hitting the green light for builders to come in. 

Many understand that the office is one of the most important areas of their company, it’s where many ideas will be had, friendships will be gained, and money will be made. So it’s best to create something incredible. Here we are going to take a look at some factors every business owner should consider when planning their office layout. 

Your Employees 

Something many people will forget about when planning an office space is their employees. The whole area is so they can work so why wouldn’t you think about them in the first place? It’s their wellbeing you have to consider and as they are the ones doing much of the work within the company, it’s best to keep them as happy as possible so they continue doing a good job and making money for the business. 

Consider everything from the desks they work from to how close they might end up if you force another area in. Sit down/stand up desks are a brilliant way to show you’re thinking of their health and wellbeing, something that’s hugely important at the moment in the news. As they settle in there will be suggestions of how the space can be made better, it’s a natural thing so don’t get too frustrated. Get together a focus group and spend time listening to them. If the watercooler looks funky but doesn’t work, replace it. 


Whilst the desks and chairs are hugely important, they aren’t the be-all and end-all. Lighting is one of the most important factors you can consider when designing an office, after all, we can’t work in the dark. Fluorescent lighting isn’t good for the eyes and can make people feel a little tired and down. The professionals from vestraworkspace.com.au suggest filling the office with natural light, something that has been proven to boost happiness and increase productivity. Some countries don’t have the best weather all year round so try and give the room a little boost using LED lights, these mimic natural light and even reduce the risk of headaches and eye strain. 

Consider Your Break Space 

Work doesn’t always have to be about constant pressure and stress. In fact, when companies are run this way it’s been proven that employees are less motivated and are far less likely to provide what you need from them. Creating a break space or a chillout room is going to show them that you’re serious about their welfare and want them to be as comfortable at work as possible. The most successful companies in the world have such a relaxed office vibe that it’s often difficult to tell where the break rooms start and where the office floor begins. 

Kitchens and food stations are also important around the office. A hungry worker is a distracted worker. Sure it might take some time for someone to rustle up some lunch or a snack but they’re sure going to be better behind a computer screen if their bellies are full and their head is full of serotonin. 

Branding Is Beautiful 

It’s not just employees that are going to be visiting your offices, it’s clients and other visitors too. How do they know what office they’re in? Oh, that’s right, because you’ve covered the place in branding. The interior of your office should have office signage to reinforce your brand and show your identity to the world. Whether they see it or not. Having your company colors everywhere will make everyone feel like space is theirs, and it will certainly make you feel proud of the office you’ve designed. If you don’t have company colors then think about your choice wisely. Certain colors can create a calm feeling whilst others can leave people feeling uptight. Go Here if you want to hire a professional painting company to get the job done.

Have art on the walls, decorate the place well, don’t leave any corner untouched, and most of all – live plants are a must. They might take a while to water but they’re great for the air quality and they make people feel more at one with nature. 

There are plenty of things to consider when designing an office space. You should always be thinking of who is going to be working in the office, will they be able to work properly? Will they feel at home? Will they be creative? Answer these questions and you’ll start to gain a picture of what it’s going to look like. Why not ask your employees what kind of office they would like? Get the best of both worlds.