Cycling Safety Tips From the Experts

Bikes are becoming popular on roads, partly because of the need to be social distancing, and also because it is an excellent form of exercise and transport. Bicycles are not prone to accidents, but accidents are likely to happen in different instances whether you are a pro or a learner. So, before you hop on, get some expert tips on how to make your ride safer. Read on below.


First thing first, get the bike that is fit for you, one with the right height for you and that holds a good posture when you are riding. To check further that you have reduced chances of a bicycle accident, have a safety kit with inner tube patch kit, spare inner tube, tire irons and CO2 cartridge inflation device. With those and the knowhow of fixing your bicycle, you can repair it even when you have mishaps on the road. Most importantly, do not go off to any road before you have the training on how to ride safely. Note that at some instances, you will share the road with other motorists and an accident may occur. In such cases of a bike accident, you need accident lawyers to help you in filing a claim. Besides, a good lawyer will help you even when you are injured and not able to handle your legal needs.


Pick thoughtfully what you wear for your ride. You do not want clothes that will leave you sweaty or that with the potential to cause an accident. It’s highly recommendable that you wear cycling-specific leggings or shorts. If not, at least wear tight clothes, loose ones, create an amount of aerodynamic drag, dragging you back. Also, please do not go cycling in jeans. Wear bright clothing, so that you are easily visible on the road. Have your helmet on.


Cycling is a form of physical exercise. Do not just hop on and go, prepare your body with some warm-up. Stretch out to avoid injuries. Also, consider that you might need water or an energy booster or your ride would turn from fun to torturous. Take a protein bar or banana or caffeine with you. If you are taking a long ride, energy chews will get you there. Running out of energy on the road would be severe and hazardous.   


While on the road, stay alert. Stick to your lane, follow the direction of the traffic, use hand signals when making turns on the road and communicate your intentions to other cyclists and importantly, use common sense. Before leaving for the road, plan the routes you will use and stick to those. There are smartphone apps that help keep track of the ride; the speed and routes, very useful to monitor your progress and plan for the next rides and get the timing. With these statistics, you can plan your future rides. Before leaving, notify your family or friends and let them know the road you will be using. Also, let them have a time frame that they can anticipate your return.


Identify a bike mechanic you can trust to service your bike and ensure it’s always in top shape. A knowledgeable mechanic that will ensure you get quality spare parts and make proper adjustments so that your bike is still secure, high quality and stays this way over a long time.


Avoid cycling at night, but should you find yourself on the road in the night, keep your confidence. Know that you are part of the traffic; motorists will give you a wider berth when they overtake you. It would be best if you were in retro-reflective clothes. A perfect hack is to get a reflective tape and use it on your helmet, clothing, and sections of your bike; pedals, rims and bike frames. Your rear red lights and white front lights too will make you more visible. Keep pace with the traffic and stick to your lane.


If you have essentials to take with you as you ride, say some snacks, the safest option you have is a top tube bag, because it’s made in vast styles depending on your cycling experience needs. The last thing you want is to have your hands engaged with baggage when you need them to be keeping you stable on the road.


It is also crucial to put it out clearly that in this time of the pandemic, much as you will be all alone on your bike and maintaining social distance, keep your mask on. It’s needless to mention that so many are losing their lives to COVID-19. When cycling, get a pair of cycling sunglasses and get yourself a more breathable mask that stays cool, allowing air to pass but prevents the spread of moisture. So many biking companies have come up with just the right masks for your biking experience.

Biking is fun, is a hobby for some and profession for others and has been highly recommended and taken up, especially these past days. Have yourself a safe and confident ride at all times.