6 Life-Changing Hacks for Cat Owners

Having a cat brings a lot of love into the house, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Even though cats are not as energetic and needy as dogs, they do require a bit of attention to keep them happy. As long as you give your cat the love it deserves, and take care of it the right way, your cat can learn to do many things on its own which will make your life a lot easier. There are many gadgets and little tricks which can help you to raise your cat as easily as possible.

Here are 6 life-changing hacks for cat owners.

1. Install a Scratching Pole

One of the most annoying things about cats is that they tend to scratch everything to sharpen their claws from furniture to carpets and even your ankles. To curb your cat’s unwanted scratching, you can make your own DIY scratching pole by simply wrapping a table leg with carpet to protect the leg and give your cat a textured material that it will just love. To level up a simple scratching pole, you can wrap all the legs on a set of end tables and stack them together to create a scratching and climbing paradise for your cat.

2. Create a Hands-Free Grooming Station 

Controlling cat hair and matted fur is a never-ending battle. But you don’t have to invest in an expensive industrial-strength vacuum cleaner, as you can DIY a hands-free grooming device by attaching the stiff bristles from two toilet brushes to a board to give your cat its own grooming station. Your cat will love going to this tool for back scratches, and her hair will get collected in the bristles at the same time. 

3. Buy an Automatic Litter Box

Cleaning litter boxes is probably the least pleasant part about having a cat, but there are some hacks that can make the job easier. You can stash your cat’s box under an end table with a small curtain, or even put it outside. You can also take the game to the next level by upgrading your regular litter box with an automatic litter box. With these high tech options, you will never have to pick up a litter box scoop again as it can separate clean litter from the soiled, and leave a clean bed of litter after every use. Now, cleaning out your litter box will be as easy as taking out the garbage, as all you need to do is to take out the disposable bag and throw it away when the device indicates that it’s full. Automatic litter boxes are really a game changer for cat owners. 

4. Keep Your Cat Entertained

Playtime does not only keep your cat fit and healthy but also provides the mental support that keeps them from getting bored or into trouble. But if you don’t always have the time to play with your cat, there are some hacks you can do to keep it happy all day long. There is nothing that makes cats happier than climbing, so you can arrange floating shelves on a wall and make it a fun stairway, especially if your cat is still a kitty and can’t climb too high on her own. You can also make your furry friend a puzzle toy from an old tissue box filled with empty toilet paper rolls. Your cat will have a fantastic time finding the treats and toys you hide inside the rolls.

5. Make the Perfect Bed

Aside from playing, cats really love their sleep, and they always manage to find a new place to snuggle up. You can help add some variety to its sleeping options by converting an old T-shirt into a tent and put it in a cat-sized box. We all love to relax in a hammock, and cats love it too. You can use a velcro strap to hang a piece of cloth or towel underneath a chair to make a space for your little friend to lounge in.

6. Give Your Cat Its Own Entrance

We all know that cats love their routines, and one way to keep them happy is to attach a motion sensor cat flap so your cat can go out and do its business whenever it wants. This will reduce the amount that your cat uses its litter box and will keep your home smelling fresh. 

You and your cat speak different languages so it can be hard to know how to keep them happy. Use these tricks to provide all the things that your little furry friend needs. At the end of the day, having a cat is a mix of rewards and challenges, but with a little ingenuity, you can make it easy to enjoy life together.