Top Five Entertaining Things to do While in Missoula

Missoula is a city in Montana and is a favorite for both tourists and residents in love with history, arts, and outdoor entertainment. It is among the biggest cities in Montana and is located in western Montana, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. There are many entertaining activities anyone can indulge in while visiting Missoula, and here’s a list of some of the top five:


Visitors can hike the “M” on Mount Sentinel which was previously referred to as Mount Woody. The “M” on the west side of Mount Sentinel is a very common destination for hikers in Missoula. Mount Sentinel is 1,958 feet tall and The “M” was constructed in 1908 as a result of whitewashed rocks which is why it is referred to as “the big white M”, it was eventually made permanent with concrete. The M is the symbol of the University of Montana which is located at the base of the mountain. Before reaching the M, you have to go through a switchback trail that is about three-quarters of a mile. Also, hikers can go another mile to reach the top of Mount Sentinel which has a beautiful view of the University of Montana, the Bitterroot Mountains, and also the beautiful town of Missoula.

View of Missoula, Montana from Mount Sentinel.Photo by Dan Saxton

The view of Missoula from the “M” on Mount Sentinel

Another mountain that can be hiked in Missoula is Mount Jumbo with the signature letter “L”. Mount Jumbo is located directly opposite the Clark Fork River and has a trail for paragliding, running and walking. There are specific trails that hikers are advised to adhere to, and if you choose to go hiking on Mount Jumbo, you may see some elks!

Visit a Casino

There are different casinos in Missoula, Montana where game lovers can play games and try their luck. Some of these casinos also offer accommodations which makes it easier for their customers to access the casinos. Some of the best real money casinos in Montana are in Missoula. The casinos that are in Missoula include the Gray Wolf Peak casino which boasts of 307 games. Magic Diamond Casino Brooks, Magic Diamond Casino Broadway, and Montana Lil’s Casino are owned by Town Pump Inc. Other casinos include Silver Creek casino, Silver Tip Casino, and Montana Club.

Visit Caras Park

The major park in Missoula is Caras park and it is located along the Clark Fork Riverfront Trail. Different festivals and concerts happen at Caras Park. There are two big pavilions at the park where people come together for different celebrations like the annual Pray for Snow party, symphonies, and Downtown Tonight gatherings. A carousel is connected to the family-friendly Caras park, and it has different sights like gargoyles, handmade horses, and chariots. Visitors can see Missoula’s whitewater signature, the Brennen’s wave, from Caras Park.

Wine tasting

You can visit wineries and breweries at Missoula to enjoy some wine and beer, and some of them have their tasting room open at different times. These wineries also offer great meals and music alongside wine tasting. Some places visitors can get great wines and beers include Lake Missoula cellars, Lolo Peak winery, The Kettlehouse, Big Sky Brewery, Mission Mountain, and Bayern Brewery.

Visit historical places

Missoula is full of history and this is one thing visitors should not miss out on. Places of history in Missoula include:

The Tipi Burner at Fort Missoula.

  • Missoula Art Museum: This is located in Missoula downtown in the old Carnegie Library building. It was established in 1975. Many of its pieces are contemporary art like fine crafts, paintings, photography, or sculptures all made by artists from the United States especially those from Montana. They also hold art classes for adults, workshops, and different events in the museum. They organize national and international art exhibits. A notable feature about the museum is its permanent Contemporary American Indian Art Collection which has works of indigenous artists. And if you’re interested in American Indian art, then you might want to take a look at this online american indian art auction.
  • Fort Missoula: Fort Missoula was founded in 1877 to serve as a safe place for the citizens of Missoula during the attack of western Montana’s Indians. In 1975, the Fort Missoula historical museum was established to protect the history of Fort Missoula. It depicts what the early years of the city was like, how the settlers lived and the lives of soldiers. There are over 20 buildings in Fort Missoula left untouched so visitors will have a great time going through them. Also, different events take place here like holiday candlelight tours, annual used-book sales, and other events. More information about Fort Missoula can be found on their website.
  • Downtown Missoula: Taking the historical walk downtown Missoula shows another group of untouched buildings from the past and also several artifacts. Some of the buildings include the Palace hotel from 1909 and the Missoula County Courthouse from 1910, some of the other buildings have billboards of adverts from these past periods.