Tips to Achieve a Fashionable Casual Look

Being fashionable and trendy doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Finding comfortable and reusable clothes should be your main priority, this way you’ll most definitely feel good, but will also always have a vast array of different clothing items to mix and match. Building the perfect outfit will be easy once you figure out some important things that you easily might have forgotten while shopping. Impulsive buying gets even the best of us, everyone has brought home a tacky dress or a pair of ugly shoes that seemed like a good idea in the store, but ended up on the bottom of your closet, to never see the light of day again. To help you achieve an effortless casual look without the excess shopping, follow these simple tips! 


What you’re wearing on top is sometimes far more important than the bottoms, it’s the first thing everyone notices when they scan your outfit! Casual means you prioritize comfort over posh, so let go of white long-sleeved button-ups and opt for something more down to earth. A black turtleneck or a flowy striped blouse goes with everything and anything, but if you want to find something specific, try looking at since they carry casual, comfy apparel. Keep in mind that you are looking for something fresh and trendy but also reusable and comfy!


Pants should have more of a practical purpose, to keep you feeling comfy rather than stiff and tight. So try switching from your regular super skinny black jeans to more of a flowy baggy model. Linen pants are never out of style, their light, sandy color pallets are perfect and go with almost everything in your closet. Also linen pants are great during hot summer times since they let the skin breathe! So don’t be afraid to switch things up a bit.


Depending on where you live and how hot or cold the weather gets there, it can drastically determine the number of layers you can wear. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it’s a struggle to assemble a fashionable outfit when it’s freezing outside. During colder times, try getting your hands on a classic fluffy coat or a  mustard-colored jacket. Both choices are pretty good for looking fashionable whilst staying cozy and comfy. On warmer days, opt for a leather jacket or a colorful blazer and wear something monochrome underneath so the jacket becomes the focal point of the whole outfit. This way you won’t look too over the top and crazy, but still adding a bit of flair to it.


You probably had days when you just wanted to take your stiff shoes off in the middle of the street and continue barefoot, right? Well, you don’t have to choose uncomfortable shoes just because they are more classy or fashionable. It’s not the case anymore, a pair of Vans or Converse are perfectly fine, you can even wear them to work or on a date. The casual clothes are dominating at the moment, so why not finally opt for a comfy pair of flats rather than a stiff heel.


Large and chunky bags are out, even backpacks are old news while fanny packs and tote bags are in! The good thing about tote bags is that they are extremely simple and you can find them in every color and pattern possible, they go with everything and will make a great piece in any outfit. Fanny packs, on the other hand, are super practical since they can carry on the essentials and you won’t have to endlessly search for your keys on the bottom of your bag.


Accessories are sometimes extremely important and can make or break the whole outfit! When choosing the jewelry, you should be careful with the amount of it and the placement. A pair of small silver or gold hoops can bring just the right amount of pop to your outfit. Don’t mix and match different materials, stick to silver or gold and try to minimize the bling unless you really want to make it the focal point of the fit, then go for it! A chunky golden necklace looks amazing on a monochrome outfit.

When considering going all casual, it’s important to keep in mind that being practical and comfy is the key. To build a solid and strong wardrobe you’ll need to plan well. Everything you buy needs to have a purpose, it needs to fit in well with the rest of your clothes so you can effortlessly mix and match to achieve the perfect casual look every time.