Tips for Making Your Home Feel Warm and Welcoming

So, you know that you are going to have people visiting your home. You know they have a lot to say and that you will be dealing with all sorts of things related to the big picture of how you want it to appear when people visit you.

That being said, how can you be certain that you’re able to make your home as warm and welcoming as you can? Are there ways to ensure that you’re doing what is best for your home and family? Here are some of our favorite tips for making homes as warm and welcoming as they can be.

1. Make it Clear Where Important Items Are

People don’t want to feel awkward if they need toilet paper, hand towels, or something else while they are visiting your home. If you want to make your home feel warm and welcoming, your best bet is to go ahead and put those things in obvious places.

We actually utilized those items in our decorations by using those fun little hidey decorations to hide toilet paper, for example. And, as part of the décor, we also displayed water color printed customized tea towels from Mary’s Kitchen Towels.

2. Use Cool, Relaxing Colors

The color scheme of your home is a big part of making it feel warm and welcoming. In most cases, you want to be sure that you have cool, relaxing colors that are going to help people sit back and relax, no matter what may be going on in the world.

Cool colors like blue and green are very welcoming. Browns and grays are also considered to be comforting colors, as well, so you can include them in your setup as well. As long as your colors aren’t too bold or aggressive, you’ll find that it really make a difference in how people see your home.

3. Don’t Focus On Everything Being Perfect

Perfection makes people uncomfortable. Obviously, you don’t want the house to be a complete mess when people come over. But, at the same time, you don’t need to feel like it’s absolutely necessary to have everything in order and without anything out of place. Find the balance between perfection and comfort.

4. Ask About Drinks First

When someone comes into your home, being a good host or hostess can be a really helpful step in offering a warm welcome. One of the best ways to do that is to ask if they’d like anything to drink. Or, you can have some sort of snack available for them as soon as they arrive. This helps to drive home the point that you want them to be there.

5. Be Sure to Keep Pets in Check

If you have pets, be sure that any guests know about them first. That way, if there are any fears about animals, or if you have big dogs that don’t know their own size, everyone is aware of what’s going on. You can also know if you need to put them outside while your guests are visiting.

6. Have a Kids’ Play Area in Clear Sight if Possible

If you have kids (or at least, you have toys for kids), you will want to be sure that there’s some sort of space for them. Whether it’s a playpen for the little ones or a toy box with a designated space on the floor nearby, it can let your friends that are parents know that their kids are just as welcome there.

7. Try Not to Use Stark White in Décor

If you want your home to feel calm and comfortable to everyone that comes through it, the last thing that you want to do is utilize stark, bright white as the main color of your home. In many cases, you will find that it makes most of your guests feel uncomfortable with your home.

Why? Because white is easy smudged and stained. It’s too “clean” and “sterile” for most people, which makes it a really awkward thing for anyone who may come to visit your home. Use bolder, darker colors instead of white.

Look at what you can learn and figure out the best way forward in regards to your situation. There’s so much that you can do that you’re sure to find a lot of ways in which you can achieve your goals. See what you can learn and then start designing everything that you need in order to make your house a home.