How to Be a Better Person to Your Dog

Dog people outnumber cat people everywhere in the world. Dogs are just more amiable, friendly, and playful. Everyone wants to want to be a dog owner at a point in their life, but it’s not an easy job having a pet. According to this blog about golden retrievers, getting yourself a pet dog is kind of like having a baby, you need to make sure you can afford to take care of one and need to have the patience to let them become pets that you can live with but still give them the freedom they deserve. The more you understand your dog’s character and behavior, the more you’ll be able to have the best friend you can ever ask for, literally. Here are a few tips that will help you give your dog the special treatment it deserves.

Train Them 

Training your dog can be done without the use of professional help if you read about it enough and learn a few vital things. It all starts with understanding a few facts about the breed, age, and temperament you can find a lot of tips on websites. The advice provided on this website shows you how small noticeable details can help you identify your dog’s temperament and evaluate their behavior. Putting the effort to teach your dog to respond to their name can allow them more freedom, teaching them not to stare at people’s food will let you give them a chance to sit nearby while eating. Teaching them fun tricks like fetching, shaking hands, or rolling over can do wonders for the relationship between you and your dog. Winston Salem dog trainers are the best in the industry so give them a call if you’re considering serious training for your puppy. But if you’re looking for a unique daycare environment which is designed to make your dog feel as if they have a “Home Away From Home”, then this doggy daycare near me is all you need for it can provide your pet with the opportunity to socialize and exercise with other dogs of similar size and energy level.

Exercise With Them

Dogs make you a better person, they’ll force you to get out of bed early and positively every morning, they’ll teach you a lot about responsibility and bravery. One of the mutual benefits that could come from having this pet at home is that they need exercise and so do you. To help your dog live longer and healthier you are going to need to go for runs with them a few times a week, not to mention that they need to go on walks almost every day so they can urinate outside, one of the things you have to make sure your dog is trained to do. You should consider looking for bulldog puppies or whoodle puppies for sale to keep him company. Both dogs will be able to entertain each other and get exercise together. 

Make Time for Them 

Kids usually act out when they do not get enough attention and so does your dog. Not paying enough attention to your dog or not spending enough time with them will only result in your carpets and furniture getting chewed up and having traces of poop in the house and garden. Dogs also tend to pick up behavior patterns from their owners, if you’re calm and have the ability to keep your cool, your dog most likely will be less aggressive. If your own dog doesn’t know who you are then you will never have the bond you wanted to have when you first decided to get it. 

Take Care of Their Checkups and Hygiene 

While you’re spending time with your dog, consider trying to understand their little habits and watch out if they tend to be eating less or pooping more. Make sure you take them to a veterinary clinic for regular checkups and whenever they behave differently in an alerting way. Grooming is vital for dogs, make sure their hair is not tangled and is all trimmed. Also, short nails allow easier and more comfortable movement. Remember, having a dog is like raising a child, making sure they’re healthy and clean is vital for their survival and your relationship with them. When looking for a number of articles and guides to dog grooming, you can check out this site about Havanese dogs here for more info!

Play With Them 

Again, just like kids, the more you play with them the more intimate your relationship is. Raising a dog is serious, but make sure you get all silly and weird with your dog, it will only make you closer. One of the benefits of having a dog is that you can make friends out of having a dog because your dog needs to play with other dogs that are not aggressive and are as awesome and playful. Dog parks and dog owners groups on social media will make it easy for you and your dog to meet new friends and have fun days out. 

Having a dog will definitely make you a calmer and happier human being but it comes with a lot of responsibility. Just make sure you feed them healthy food that they love, give them plenty of water, and a good place to rest and sleep. Make sure they live in a clean and tidy environment and try and watch your attitude and body language when you communicate with them, dogs respond better to visual actions than vocal commands so make sure you deliver your messages and clear you. If you do, you will have a loyal friend that listens, comforts, and has fun with you.