6 Items That Can Optimize Your Work From Home Setup

A lot of us have to cope with working from home, now that it’s becoming more and more common. Thanks to the internet, you can finish most tasks from the comfort of your bed. Though we don’t advise you to do it all in bed, having an office at home will make you more productive and less prone to drowse off mid-task. The place where you work should be separate from the place where you sleep or the place where you have fun, like the living room. You need to make the perfect setting that would motivate you to sit down and get that bread. Here are 6 things you need to get for your home office.

A Desk

It sounds a bit obvious, but you do need a good desk for your home office. It’s not just any desk, you need a good looking one to make work seem appealing if that’s possible. A desk that is suitable in size, will have enough room for you to place everything you need without making the place seem like it’s too cramped. If you have a problem staying active with all the work you have, you can try to exercise while working by getting a treadmill desk. You can find reviews and recommendations online that give you more information about treadmill desks. 

Ergonomic Chair

You have to think about your comfort and spine health when picking a chair for your office; an ideal chair would have a lever to adjust the height to make sure your feet are flat on the floor, your thighs are horizontal and your arms even out with the height of the desk. The chair’s width and depth should make anyone comfortable and the forward and backward tilt should be adjustable. 

The chair should also support the lower part of the spine, as it has a curve and without that supporting curve, it would lead to slouching. The seat material should preferably be well-padded to make sitting for long periods of time comfortable as opposed to a hard surface. 


Your router is your best friend (or worst enemy) when it comes to working from home. You need to make sure it’s up to speed or it will hinder you from finishing simple tasks. Consider an upgrade to a router with a higher speed to make sure your meetings and working hours are not interrupted by a weak connection. Increase your internet quota if possible so it can handle both work and entertainment. It might cost you more than you spend usually but it’s a worthy investment, and still less expensive than commuting every day. 

Eye-Friendly Monitor

You have to spend a lot of time in front of your screen, which can strain your eyes. Straining your eyes will result in eye fatigue and sometimes a headache. A good solution is to invest in a new monitor that is made specifically for less eye strain.

Your monitor has to be not too big or too small, it should ideally be somewhere in between that’s well-fitted for you. There are other factors to consider like panel type, response time, refresh rate, contrast, and viewing angle. The new eye-care technology in some of the new monitors is made to filter out the blue lights that are harmful to the eyes. 

Fast Computer

Whether you’re using a desktop or a laptop, your computer may need to be fast. If your internet runs at the speed of lightning while your computer processes slowly, it will still lag. If you have a desktop, consider changing some of its parts like the random access memory (RAM) or the processor to fit your work requirements. It depends on your line of work, too. If you’re a freelance writer, you wouldn’t need a high-end PC as much as a graphic designer would. 

USB Charging Station 

Nowadays, everything needs charging by USB. You want to charge your smartphone, headphones or earphones, your speakers, and your many other gadgets. But you don’t want to get up and leave your desk every time you need to charge something. A USB charging station will keep everything in one place and will not mess with your flow. 

Your home office is as important as any part of your house. It’s the place where you will spend up to 40 hours per week. Everything has to be functional and comfortable, too; you don’t want to spend your salary on medical bills. Don’t forget to personalize your office as well by putting things that speak to you, like an aesthetically pleasing plant or a picture of a loved one. Bring out the interior designer in you and plan a setting that will make you not want to leave your station. Your home office is your new kingdom.