Top 4 Hunting Weapons You Can Use Easily

Even though the modern definition of hunting weapons is, ‘tools specifically designed for hunting animals’, you’ll find a lot of similarities with them and weapons used for warfare and defensive purposes. Historically, humans have used any weapons they could get their hands on, from rocks, spears, and bows, to hunt animals. The evolution of weaponry used for hunting in the last few centuries was mainly due to the shifting interest of hunting as an activity, rather than a means to survive. This can explain why a lot of people choose their hunting weapons based on what they’d like to hunt and other preferences. As a beginner hunter, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the number of weapons available for you to choose from to hunt game. We’ve created a list of the top 4 weapons you can easily start with to become a better hunter. 


A crossbow is considered a very balanced type of hunting weapon that combines the best of both worlds; firearms and archery. A crossbow is essentially a rotated bow that’s linked directly with stock and shoots with a trigger just like a firearm. Instead of arrows, a crossbow shoots bolts, which are shorter and easier to control than arrows. The ease and efficiency of using a crossbow make it the top pick for many beginners, weak-bodied, senior, and disabled hunters. The most accurate and precise crossbows are known as PSE crossbows, which stands for precision shooting equipment. They are engineered to perform stronger and be more accurate than improvised crossbows. Depending on the state, the legality of crossbows can vary greatly, requiring special permits in certain states.


Rifles are the most popular type of weapons used in hunting a huge range of wild game. The barrel of the rifle has certain grooves engraved on the inside to allow the bullet inside the chamber to gain more spin, increasing the accuracy and range of the rifle. Rifles come in numerous designs; break-action, lever-action, bolt-action, and others. It’s not possible to say that all hunting rifles are easy to use, but once you find the one that’s suitable for you, it’s easy to legally learn and use it. When you’re choosing a rifle, you need to ensure that it can fire the type of ammunition you need while hunting your game of choice.

As a hunter, you should aspire to be as humane and professional as possible. Using the wrong kind of cartridge can make your hunting sessions much harder, and sometimes, immoral. Using unreasonably large ammunition for the type of animal you’re hunting will waste the majority of their meat, making their death unnecessary. Too small ammunition will increase the suffering of the animal because it probably won’t die quickly. While ammunition rules for hunting may be a bit rigid, the type of rifles is mainly left to the hunter’s preferences since they all can get the job done perfectly.


If you simply take a look at the Rimfire vs Centerfire ammos, you’ll realize the type of ammo that shotguns use are quite different in mechanism and shape; the ammo is inside an outer shell. The barrel is quite fine and smooth without any grooves, but some shotguns use rifled barrels for slug ammunition. The size of shotgun ammunition can vary according to the shotgun. The main types of shotguns used in hunting are semi-automatic, pump-action, and break-action. It’s very important to stay wary of the regulations of your state if you’re going with a shotgun because the barrel length, ammunition size, and shell capacity are regulated differently in different states. Shotguns are quite easy because they can almost hunt any type of game, but they can be prohibited in certain conditions in your state.


Bows are one of the oldest hunting weapons that have been used for hundreds of years. The main types used in hunting are: recurve bows, longbows, and compound bows. Most beginners start with compound bows because they’re relatively easier to draw and aim with, compared to longbows and recurves, in addition to being customizable so they could adapt to a myriad of different settings. Bowhunting is a bit harder than firearm hunting because it takes some time and practice to be able to shoot moving targets like deer. You’ll have to check the regulations of the state you’re in because they’re used to determine the allowed seasons and locations you’re supposed to hunt in, in addition to certain arrow tips and nocks.

As a hunter, it’s important to settle on the weapon you’ll use because it can set the tone for the rest of your hunting experiences. You don’t want to take up a weapon with a hard learning curve to hunt games that can be hunted by better weapons. Try to find a weapon that’s both easy to use and interesting to be able to enjoy your hunting trips.