Meanings of the Types of Numbers in Numerology

Do you often see the same sequence of numbers in your day to day lives? Maybe you have a lucky number or one that seems to have significance to you. Well, that’s exactly what numerologists believe, and it’s something that you should pay a little more attention to if you keep seeing the same numbers pop up. Numerology is the study of your life in numbers, and you can uncover some incredible information about your life and how you are as a person based on numbers alone. If you have heard of astrology before then, you might even have a bit of knowledge surrounding numerology. But if not, then let us take a look at the meanings behind different numbers within the subject.

Life Path Number

Your life path number acts as the structure of your life, everything that happens can be explained by this, a blueprint if you like. It can reveal your main character traits, your personality, and why you think how you do. On top of this, it can express your greatest potential in life and will also outline other challenges you may face. Use your LPN to understand your strengths and weaknesses and how you can address any problems you may think you have. 

Soul Urge Number

Sometimes written as just your Soul Number, this will reveal your heart’s greatest desires. It’s known as the truest form of expression based on who you are and can really help you understand where your values come from. Using this kind of information is hugely important when making life-changing decisions. 

To explain this a little further, some people are more geared towards certain professions, so if you’re going through a change in your life and you want to consider changing careers, your soul number will be able to assist you greatly. For more information about what your soul number can do for you, have a chat with the experts at as understanding these things can be difficult when trying to read them yourself. Having a professional numerologist can be hugely beneficial when trying to make a life change. 

Birth Day Number

Without a doubt, the easiest number to work out in the world of Numerology. It’s literally the day you were born, so if you were born on the 23rd, that would be your Birth Day number. Even though this seems simple, and is an exception to the numerology rule of reducing numbers down to a single digit, it still holds valuable information. Information such as any gifts you may possess, and we don’t mean physical gifts, more what you as a person have to offer. 

Personality Number

The majority of numbers in numerology will reveal a lot of information about you, your values, motivations, and life paths. However, the personality number is an exception. It reveals how other people will perceive you and will indicate all the qualities and characteristics you show others. As humans, most of us really struggle with describing ourselves and how we act in certain situations, so being able to have access to information showing and telling us how we are acting is invaluable. When we meet people for the first time, we never really show our true colors, and we often put on a mask of a front. While this is alright, we need to understand how we are to meet the right kind of people, those that we will want to be around, and eventually someone to settle down with. 

Attitude Number 

This number is also known as the achievement number and will indicate your outward qualities. Simply speaking, it will show how you act upon meeting someone for the first time, our first impressions. The attitude number will show you how you act within social situations, and even within a work situation, sometimes it can be confusing because you’ll think you’re acting in a different way, but the numbers don’t lie. Unlike other numbers that tell you the qualities you have as a person, personality traits and desires, the attitude number will help you understand how you behave towards other people. It is very useful if you’re going to go for a job interview, start a new job, or move towns somewhere new. 

Understanding all these different numbers in our lives can help us grow and develop positively as a person. If you want to discover any of the numbers listed above, then there are plenty of online calculators that will help you with the numbers. Start making decisions based on your life and not what others think you should be doing, it’s time to make a change.