How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Healthy this Summer

Summer is approaching quickly, meaning the heat is beginning to set in. As we look forward to spending more time outdoors with our family, it’s nice to have a great looking lawn to add to your outdoor experience. 

Maintaining a lawn in the summer isn’t easy. It takes dedication and care to keep your lawn healthy. There are ways to start fresh by working with landscape installation professionals. If yours is up for a renovation, they will be able to help you. From there. keeping it maintained and healthy would be the next step.

Make sure to call a reliable lawn services like Murrysville Grounds Maintenance that takes great pride in providing high-quality grounds maintenance services! You may also inquire if your subdivision provides HOA landscape maintenance and other services.

Having a reputable lawn care and landscaping company you can trust like Ocala Lawn Care Company will always be of great help! In addition to that, you also have to bear with the heat. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on how to keep your lawn looking healthy this summer. Keep reading to find out how!


Treating your lawn with fertilizer is an important step to keeping your lawn healthy. As you go in between fertilizing sessions, the soil in your lawn absorbs the nutrients. Typically, you shouldn’t have to fertilize your lawn more than twice a year — but it isn’t something you want to skip. In order to have vibrant, green grass, you should fertilize in late spring and summer.

If you haven’t already fertilized your lawn, you should do so soon. Summer is fast approaching, and as the temperature ramps up, your lawn needs nutrients. After fertilizing your lawn, you should fertilize it again towards the end of summer.


As your grass starts to grow, you need to frequently mow it to keep it at a healthy length. But, you also don’t want to cut your grass too short. By cutting your grass too short, you hinder the growth and root development of your grass. This can lead to bare spots and grass deterioration over time. Also, for your own safety, don’t mow the lawn when it is too hot outside. If you do mow the lawn in direct sunlight, make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and sun protection.

To learn more about the lengths you should be cutting your specific type of grass, check out the ideal height for warm and cool-season grasses.


You don’t need to water your lawn every day, but you should be monitoring its health and keeping it hydrated. Most grass needs about an inch to an inch and a half of water every week to stay healthy. Whether watering is done through rainfall or via irrigation systems, make sure you have an idea of how well your lawn is watered.

If you are watering your lawn through irrigation systems, make sure you don’t water it too late in the day. The ideal time to water your grass is before 10 a.m., as the summer heat won’t affect the irrigation as much. 

If you follow the correct steps to keeping your lawn healthy, you’ll be able to enjoy a green, spotless lawn this summer. A healthy lawn can also deter common pests such as June bugs, which can become a nuisance to your outdoor activities. Just keep yourself safe from the sun, and don’t forget to enjoy your perfect lawn!