Having Poor TV Reception? Here’s What You Need to Do


Gathering around the television in the evening is now something we as families do most evenings, things have changed from the days of the piano being the main source of entertainment. The number of programmes available on television such as news is rapidly increasing and the demand for more is also rising.

Having access to all of these amazing channels is brilliant but what happens if your signal is on the blink? There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to watch a program whilst it’s clicking and blurring, so if you’re having trouble with your TV signal here are some ideas of what you can do to help. 

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Outside Aerial 

You’ve probably worked this one out already, but there is a reason the majority of aerials are installed outside and on the top of either the roof or the chimney, there is much better signal access. Usually, you will find an aerial mount already positioned on the highest point of your house, but if you don’t and you’re struggling with your television signal then it’s probably time to do so. If you plan on doing this yourself then I will, of course, throw caution to the wind. The professionals at LongRangeSignal.com give a few brilliant safety tips for installing your aerial yourself. You might think it’s obvious that it’s dangerous to work on rooftops, but there are plenty of people that ignore the safety advice and end up having nasty accidents. Hire a professional if you’re ever in doubt of doing something on your own. 

Go Higher 

You might find that even if your aerial is installed outside on top of your roof, it might not be high enough. But how am I going to get it any higher? I hear you ask… Well, you can always put your aerial on the top of a mast. If you live in a low signal area then this might be the best option for you. Masts are available up to 12 feet and will throw your aerial much higher than the top of your roof, giving you a much better chance of getting a better signal. 

Get a Higher Gain Aeriel 

This is usually something you won’t need to do if you have installed your aerial outside but when you live in low signal areas anything can happen. Installing a higher gain aerial will improve the acceptance angle and the strength of the signal being received by adding more elements to the aerial. This does mean that it’s going to be bigger than the typical style aerial which means you’ll need to support it a little more when installing it. If you have a professional do it then you won’t need to worry. 

Upgrade Your Aerial 

Since the digital revolution and analogue was filed into a cabinet never to be seen again, buying any old aerial just won’t do. Televisions are usually split between two different frequency bands which are VHF (very high frequency) and UHF (ultra-high frequency). Most of the time when we are talking about bad signals it’s usually down to poor frequency and broadcast location. To improve the reception you’re getting you should upgrade your aerial to one that is capable of receiving digital frequencies. 

Get a Pre-Amp 

If you have multiple televisions in your house and you want to send a signal to all of them via the same antenna then you might discover that using a signal splitter and conducting antenna testing will help your reception. Diving your signal without using a signal splitter will ensure the reception is weaker and will negatively affect each television that’s connected. Using a pre-amp (pre-amplifier) to boost your signal will most probably help your tv reception. 

Try a Signal Booster 

This is something you should consider as more of a last resort, this is because using a signal booster could make your signal susceptible to any form of interference which could lead to further issues later down the line. That being said, if you live in an area that’s known for having generally poor signal then this could be your saving grace. You should look at a fully screened masthead amplifier, remember that unscreened models aren’t as good and will cause way more hassle than you need. 

There really isn’t anything as frustrating as when you’re trying to settle into a nice evening and watch a film when the television is playing up. Something I’ve found to be helpful and is a relatively quick fix is retuning my television, this can give it a well-needed reset. If your problem continues then it’s most probably nothing to do with the television tuning and more something to do with the aerial. If you can’t work it out and everything you try fails then contact a professional to come and diagnose your problem.