Covid-19 Business Ideas: Earn Money Now With These Concepts

Does the current crisis situation around the corona virus also have a positive side? Definitely for resourceful business people. The fear of the people and the exceptional situation in the country create new needs on the market. If you offer clever offers here, you can turn the panic into profit and all without usury offers.

The whole world is kept in suspense. Literally, because the panic about the spread of the corona virus is spreading. Private individuals stock up on respirators, disinfectants, toilet paper, canned goods and other everyday necessities.

Some people will try their luck with gambling in this troublesome time. Companies like Borgata offer incentives like the Borgata Bonus code, through which the players can increase their chances of winning and making money from home. A bonus code does not increase your chances of winning and you should not promote gambling as a way to “make money” solely as entertainment.”

There are increasing stories in the media about usury prices from online retailers who were concerned about the panic business at an early stage.

Not only toilet paper, noodles and breathing masks are required. The current crisis situation offers start-ups, online retailers and creative entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain a special market advantage.

Choose from the ideas:

  •     Sell products
  •     Offer services
  •     Mediation
  •     Leisure activities

The business of fear

The fear of infection raises new needs in people. The prevailing shortage of pasta , for example, should ensure that durable instant food or food supplements in powder form are particularly popular. So the demand for intimate showers increases , so as not to be annoyed by empty toilet paper shelves. There are many ways to open up a market for ‘crisis products’.

Another profit opportunity that opens up in this crisis is investing in certain stocks. Financial experts already speak of ” stay-at-home ” or ” quarantine” shares . The bio-tech industry is finally booming and a race for a possible vaccine has started.

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Think creatively and benefit

Entrepreneurs are now asked to think outside the box with their products and services and thus to fill the gaps and needs of customers.

In principle, the entrepreneur can choose between direct product sales, brokering on the Internet on a commission basis and offering services. It must be ensured that in most cases there is a dependency on shipping service providers and this is the limiting factor of the new business idea.

Selling products directly or locally or in an online shop will be a less sensible alternative to the actual business for most entrepreneurs, since within a short time neither goods nor material can be delivered, and an online shop cannot be created for sale. That leaves only the service or mediation on a commission basis. When mediating, a separate website may or may not be available, as can the service ideas described.

Another article from the founder lexicon explains how brokerage works on a commission basis via your own website or via social media (Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp). In specialist jargon, this business mediation is called affiliate marketing or partner program. Special web links to products or services are generated and these are sent and recommended to friends, acquaintances or unknown contacts on their own website or via WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. The closer the contact and the more appropriate the recommendation, the greater the success. Amazon operates one of the best-known partner programs , with which any product that is offered on Amazon can be recommended for a commission.

Below you can read a structured list of ideas that you as an entrepreneur can use as an alternative to your previous business to expand your business or keep it going. Of course, entrepreneurs have to be ready to overcome their own barriers, to rethink, to start a new business very flexibly. It can be the expansion of the previous business, but it can also be a completely new business as an alternative source of income to the stagnating current business, depending on what you can do (drawing, programming …) or which goods and products you can sell:

Business ideas with corona virus

Sell ​​everyday products

Pasta, instant food, cocoa powder, mashed potatoes, flour, instant broth, rice, whole egg powder (keeps better than fresh egg)

Prepper kits  (survival packages with tools, long-term food , etc. – exaggerations? Everyone decides for themselves.)

Sell Corona beer

Corona emergency package

Pizza Corona

Corona umbrella

Offer services

Draw and offer Corona cartoons (e.g. via Fiverr )

Delivery services : delivery services for medication, food or clothing

Shopping service or errands for pensioners (with full protection it is possible)

Write texts

Provide your graphics skills

Sell ​​hygiene products

Hygienic showers, intimate showers

Disposable towels Disposable towels

Soap dispenser (liquid soap), disposable handkerchiefs

Manufacture and distribute all kinds of hygiene products for shops (plexiglass panels, warning signs, stickers, disinfectant dispensers, posters, etc.)

Sell face masks, breathing masks (disposable medical masks )

Offer pastime for quarantine

Board games for home recommend

Develop apps

With enough ingenuity, you can go on and on with this list. It is important for the self-employed, entrepreneurs and those who want to be, to see the opportunity in the corona chaos and to use it as an advantage. Many of the things only work through partner programs and placement commissions on the Internet, social media and on your own websites. Therefore you should follow the rules!