What Is The “New Normal” For Casinos?

The phrase “new normal” is probably one of the most used words in the past few weeks. You hear it on the news, read it on articles, and see it on social media. This “new normal” refers to the state of the world following the impact of the pandemic that is COVID-19.

One of the many sectors and industries that will see significant changes due to this “new normal” is the world of land-based casino gambling. Luckily for those who are playing online casinos using their Bovada promo code, land-based casino players will have to make significant adjustments once they get the chance to go back in the game.

Here are some ways how the “new normal” is expected to affect land-based casinos.

Social distancing on games and tables

As with all other industries and sectors, social distancing will also be implemented in land-based casinos. This means that everyone must keep a distance of at least 6 feet or more from other people at all times.

These strict social distancing measures would also mean major and drastic changes in how most games in casinos get played. To fully comply with these measures, it would mean that game tables of poker, blackjack, and roulette would be able to accommodate only half of the usual players per game, if not even less than that. This means that a table of poker that would usually be able to accommodate six players per game would now only be able to have three players at a time. In turn, this would mean longer waiting times for players who would like to play a game as well.

With that in mind, some people are having the image of people lining up outside of casinos waiting to get their turn to play games they want to. However, there is still no word if such scenes would be a reality soon.

Less slot machines

As for slot machines, this would also mean less machines in operation. In order to ensure that proper and enough social distancing will be kept, slot machines will only be operational on a one-seat-apart basis. This would also mean that only half of the total number of slot machines in a casino would be working and playable.

This would also affect slot machines that work on a progressive jackpot basis would be greatly affected, too. Since less people would be able to play a certain slot machine game, slots with progressive jackpots would need significantly more time to get bigger. The end result would either be hitting the jackpot for a longer period of time or hitting a smaller than usual amount of jackpot.

Sterilization and disinfection all over

Those hand sanitizers and alcohol that people used to almost kill for during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic? Get ready to see that in almost every corner of the casino. As part of the safety precautions and health measures being implemented, these products would be placed all over the casino area for everyone to use as much as they want.

Restrooms would also see constant disinfection and sterilization throughout the whole day. One more thing that would be changed is that toilets and urinals would now need to have contact-less operation capabilities. This would be possible through the use of automatic flushers for urinals and toilets. Using contactless faucets and soap dispensers are also part of the “new normal.”

Final thoughts

No matter what happened in the coming days, there is one thing that is for sure–the “normal” that we were used to is already a thing of the past. Now, we have to live with this new world post-pandemic and the new way of life called the “new normal.”