Want To Be A DJ? Here’s What You Need To Know And Prepare

Have you always dreamed of performing in front of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people? Maybe you have always been into music since you were a child? Or perhaps you are just now beginning to see how enjoyable career music can be? Were you that person in your friend group who always had a playlist for the occasion? IF any of these sounds like it could be you, then it is recommended that you look into pursuing a career as a DJ!

Becoming a professional DJ (or disc jockey) is not as difficult as you might think. The one thing that is true of any profession is that to be successful, there are some key things that you must be aware of and consciously work on. Contained in this article are a few practical starting points that any budding DJ or musician must take into consideration if they want to take their career seriously. Don’t settle for mediocrity, become an amazing DJ today!


One seminal part of mastering any musical craft is to immerse yourself in the type of music that you want to create. This means that you should be listening to your favorite artists whose music you would like to emulate. This will help you familiarize yourself with the various conventions and the idiosyncrasies of the type of music you wish to include in your DJ sets. The first step to becoming a DJ should be incredibly enjoyable. Just sit back, grab a drink, and crank some tunes! 

Study Music

Being able to communicate with other musicians or producers is very important in the process of becoming a successful DJ. This means that you will have to learn music theory to ensure that you are ‘musically literate’. If you perform music but don’t use theory, then it is as if you are illiterate in the modern world


Singing is one of the most simple and intuitive ways that humans can express themselves musically. ‘If you can sing it, then you can play it’, is what many great musicians of the past have abided by. Our ability to sing is directly connected to how good our ears are at recognizing certain musical patterns. This is called ear training.

Pick a DAW

An important step to becoming a DJ is picking the software which you would like to produce your music. There is a plethora of different software available, so be sure to do your research and try different options before you take out a second mortgage to buy the latest version of Protools.

Find Quality Monitors 

By ensuring you have quality studio monitors you will be able to better mix and EQ your DJ tracks and sets to improve the overall quality of your music. Some studio monitors can cost thousands of dollars, but there are also plenty of cheaper monitors which are still able to give you wonderful sound quality. 

Find Quality Headphones 

Having quality headphones can be used to make up for noise restrictions, or even not having quality studio monitors. IF you have good headphones to mix on then you will still be able to get accurate feedback when creating your DJ sets. 

See Other DJs Live

Seeing how other DJs do their thing live is an important part of learning the craft. Go out and support your peers, and you will see that people on the scene will be much quicker to support your ventures.

Promote Yourself

Promotion is the least favorite part of many musicians’ business because many people don’t enjoy talking themselves up. Luckily, many companies will promote you as a DJ or whatever profession you would like to promote. Unfortunately, many DJs can’t afford to pay a company to promote their music or services. If you find yourself in the latter category, then https://musicaroo.com/get-singing-gig/ can provide some excellent tips on how to promote yourself as a singer, DJ, or musician. Many promotional strategies can be very simple, cheap, and effective. By using these types of strategies, you can actively help promote yourself as a DJ while saving a few bucks in the long run.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the various obstacles and preparations involved with becoming a professional DJ. If you take the steps laid out in this article then you will be well on your way to becoming a quality DJ that will be getting booked at all the biggest clubs and venues in your area. DJs are musicians too, and as a result, they need to hone their musical abilities such as singing and instrument mastery. This will result in an end product that is more yourself and you will be much more pleased with your musical creations.