8 Reasons Why Continued Study is Good for You

If you’re wondering how to improve your career prospects when life gets back to some semblance of normal after this pandemic, you might be surprised to find out that continuing with your education can have many more far-reaching benefits on your entire life -not just your career.

The human brain has been described to be like a sponge, always hungry for knowledge, and the more knowledge you feed it, the more it wants to learn and grow, improving brain function and keeping you young to boot. All excellent reasons to continue studying, and we have not even gotten to the career prospects part yet!

What Education Can Do for You

Education is essential all-round, a mind that is hungry for knowledge is more susceptible to learning, so the more you study, the easier you will find it. Studying things we are interested in helps to relate them to a more complex context. Mathematics at school may have alluded you as a youth, but for an adult who needs to balance a profit and loss statement, a strong grasp of the basics is vital, and it becomes easier when there’s a real-word context behind it.

Finding the time to study can be troublesome as we get older, more responsibilities take over like work and family, but there are many online options for study now, and students who gain an MBA see their salary increase an average of 41% so putting time in now will pay off in the long term. Click here for more information on how to attain an MBA online.

Reasons to Study

Do you still need some convincing that continuing into further education is a good idea? Here are six reasons why continuing your education is a good investment for your career future.

Education Builds Confidence

Getting exposure to many different skills sets and people from different backgrounds allows you to gain confidence. Confidence is a tricky emotion, but being more settled in your knowledge will lead to greater confidence in your skills and career further afield.

A Marker of Success

Having continued education on your resume shows that you are unafraid of taking risks to gain business success. The competition for jobs coming out of this current pandemic is going to be very tough, having the demonstrable ability to show that you can take on challenges and work hard towards them will be vital in the coming months as you face job interviews alongside many other well-qualified candidates.

Education is Great for Networking

By its very nature, continuing education means you will be networking with others who are in the same position as you -aiming to improve their career prospects and, in turn, their lifestyle.

There is a theory that you are the sum of the people you spend the most time with, if you devote your time to spending it with others who are serious about making a huge change in their lives, that positivity is bound to wear off on you. Even better, you have made some strong connections for your further career development.

Improved Qualifications

It almost goes without saying that having a better education will give you better qualifications. In today’s job market, employers are searching for candidates who are both qualified and experienced, the dream team.

Doing a part-time online learning course means you have the opportunity to build your skills and qualifications on the educational side, as well as building your experience in the real world, putting you ahead of the competition when it comes to your next job interview.

Future-proofing your life

Drivers licenses can be revoked, jobs can demote you, you could lose your place on the team and be benched for the rest of the season, but education can never be taken away from you.

Once you have that piece of paper stating your qualifications, they are yours for life. Some careers will require you to register each year and keep your skills fresh with CPD (Continuing Professional Development). Still, for the most part, your base qualifications, your degree, your MBA, etc., are always going to be yours, and they are always your grounding for building on and improving your lot over your lifetime.

Lifestyle and Financial Improvements

People who have higher qualifications earn more money. Although a generalization, it is true for many people who have worked hard to get further education.

Of course, money is not everything, and life needs to be fulfilling in many areas to be considered a success, but not having a substantial financial burden over your head is a huge factor in living a happy, healthy life.