7 Research Paper Writing Tips for the University of Montana Students

Two words evoke anxiety in students instantly: research paper. As the University of Montana students, we know that every professor gives loads of writing assignments, projects, research papers, and other tasks. It is very hard to satisfy the professor with the quality of your work if you don’t know how to write a research paper properly.

You will lose marks and get a poor grade if you turn in a badly written research paper. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Let’s see what tips for writing a research paper tricks you can use to make your research papers better.

1. Research thoroughly

The first step of writing the perfect research paper is thorough research. You need to understand the topic of your research and then formulate various ideas for the paper. You need to develop a thesis statement and find supporting arguments to the statement.

You can use google scholar, online encyclopedias, newspapers, publications, etc. to get the required material for your paper. Try to store your notes in the form of a spreadsheet. Create separate columns for all the headings of your research paper, and then add the relevant collected material underneath.

2. Follow the writing guidelines

The format of a research paper is standardized. However, if the professors at the University of Montana give you any handouts or writing guidelines, make sure that you stick to them and follow them to the tee. You can also use online resources to help you with the research writing process.

Follow the guidelines for citations, bibliography, etc. Many students get confused about how to start a research paper, that’s why we’ve prepared a few useful tips for you.

3. Organize the collected data

After collecting the data, you need to organize it properly. This tip will help University of Montana students a lot since we know that professors like the organized, schematic presentation of data. This step will ensure that your paper is focused and will not a jumble of words depicting random thoughts.

4. Online tools and resources

One of the best tips for writing a research paper is that don’t hesitate to use online tools and lots of other resources available. You can use grammar checkers to rule out grammatical errors. Professors at the University of Montana don’t tolerate plagiarism at all, and if you submit a plagiarized paper, you are going to get a low score. You also have an option to visit this link and get professional writing help if you are not sure about your skills or abilities to write a unique paper. So you will get a quality paper without missing any submission deadlines.

5. Writing a good thesis statement

Make sure that you know what your thesis statement is. All your arguments and ideas are going to revolve around the thesis statement. Thus, it is important to write one that is perfect in every respect. Begin your research paper with the thesis statement.

Even if it is not a rule given by your instructor, it is always good to start your research paper with the thesis statement. This ensures that the reader would know what your stance is from the beginning and will not have a difficult time trying to find the purpose of your research paper.

6. Know the type of research paper

There are various kinds of research papers. The three main categories of research papers are:

  • Argumentative
  • Expository
  • Analytical

If you to analyze the given information, your paper would be analytical. If you are trying to explain a piece of information, then the paper is expository. We often think that who will write a research paper for me.

If you are trying to prove a point, then your paper is argumentative. Make sure that your thesis statement matches the kind of paper you are going to write.

7. Outline

Many students ask how to start a research paper. Another one of research paper writing tips is that before you start writing a research paper, it is better to make an outline. Write the main points that you are going to present in support of your thesis statement.

These main points are going to act as the sub-headings of your research paper. No matter how interesting a piece of information is, if it doesn’t fit under the sub-headings or doesn’t support the thesis statement, has no place in your research paper. Keep these research paper writing tips in your mind.


Writing a research paper can be a difficult task, especially if you are new at it. However, you don’t have to worry because you can use online resources and get online help to help you with your writing tasks. Moreover, if you keep the tips mentioned above for writing a research paper in your mind while working on your research paper, then you will not face any difficulty at all.

Happy writing, Folks!