5 Online Casino Games That Have Stood the Test of Time

Casino games are known for their longevity; after all, the likes of blackjack, baccarat and roulette have been around for decades and remain among the most popular casino games. However, the online casino industry is now maturing nicely too, and that means some virtual games have been up against the test of time in terms of their popularity.

A typical online casino will have 100s of games on offer, and they will add new titles to the collection seemingly every week. Hence, it’s really impressive when a specific game retains popularity over the years.  Below we have picked out five that have retained their status as top games despite being around for a lifetime.

Desert Treasure – Playtech (2005)

Playtech has grown to become the biggest supplier of online gaming software on the planet, and one of its early flagship games was the Desert Treasure slot machine online. Released back in 2005, the game has been a popular choice for players and still remain so today this day. It was, in fact, one of the first online slots to become popular among high rollers who were enthused by the high stakes betting options and an up to 10,000x top prize. A sequel, Desert Treasure 2, was released in 2012, and it too is regarded as a classic. The graphics may have dated a little, but Desert Treasure remains a retro classic.

Starburst – NetEnt (2012)

It’s difficult to get detailed statistics for induvial slot games on a global scale, but Starburst has claims on being the most popular online casino game in history. It regularly tops data charts as the most played game at online casinos, and it is also a firm favourite with bingo sites. Simplicity is the key here, with Starburst holding a kind of Tetris-like appeal to players who don’t want to overcomplicate their gameplay. Unlike Desert Treasure above, where players will pay the price of volatility in return for bigger payouts, Starburst is a low variance game; perfect for casual players.

Mega Moolah – Microgaming (2006)

One reason stands tall above other as to why Mega Moolah is the reigning king of jackpot games – it’s world record-setting progressive prize. The game regularly pays out eight-figure sums, with players often comparing the top jackpot to winning the lottery. Mega Moolah has a simple jungle theme, and it is also possible to win decent amounts in the base game. The game received a – much needed – software update in 2020 to rid it of some of its clunkiness and polish some of the graphics.

Gladiator – Playtech (2008)

Playtech is known for its branded slot games, so, as you might gather from that, this game is based on the Oscar-winning Russell Crowe movie. Swords and battles are the order of the day in a game that was light-years ahead of its time in bringing movie-quality graphics to online casino players. The game features some nice special features, including a lucrative jackpot game. A sequel, Gladiator: Road to Rome, was released in 2017. Both games share the connected jackpot feature.

Bonanza – Big Time Gaming (2016)

Bonanza wasn’t the first “Megaways” game, but it was the first to really catch the imagination of players. Megaways involves offering 1000s of winning possibilities in each spin and thus packs in the potential for massive payouts. Bonanza, for example, can have up to 117,649 lines per spin. The game has vaulted BGT into a position among the world’s top gaming developers, which is an incredible feat for the previously unheard of Australian developer. Bonanza offered the blueprint for various other slots to follow, basically creating a new genre of casino game. But players still flock back to what is seen as the original – and the best – Megaways game.