4 Biggest Compound Archery Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. It is a sport that requires skills of precision, control, focus, repetition, and determination. Archery is an excellent sport for building confidence and can make you mentally stronger. The ability to have the power of shooting a bow and accomplishing your goal – you can do bull’s eye or execute a great shot. When you practice archery, you build self-esteem and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. However, in doing archery, there are common mistakes you should avoid. 

1. Incorrect Stance

Many archers forget how standing when taking the shot is very important. Your proper form can affect your balance, aim, and also the strength of the shot. To correct this mistake, you can practice placing a couple of arrows on the floor or putting strips of tape. 

Your stance is where you place your feet when shooting, this would be the foundation for your shot. It must be a solid and consistent arrow to arrow. Call to mind that your stance not only affects the position of your foot but also your balance and center of gravity. By making your stance solid, you ensure a more stable aim for strong shots.

2. Using the Wrong Bow

Although most of the archery is based on your technique and skills, if you are using the wrong equipment, then you will be impacting your chances of improving. Not only that, but you could stop yourself from being good and affect your stance and playing. You need to make sure that you are using the best compound bows that are the right size and weight for you. If you are thinking which compound bow is going to be the best for you, that depends heavily on your personal needs and where you are in your current state of bow shooting. Always check if you are provided with a basic bow that is suitable for your size and shape. 

3. Not Finishing or Dropping Your Arm After Release

If you notice your arrows always going low after shooting, this could be how you always end your shot. Some archers will tend to drop their arms as soon as the arrow leaves the bow, which will cause the arrow to not hit the target. If you watch experienced archers, they hold their arm up and hold the stance until they hear that thud of the arrow, this is called proper finishing. It will be tough due to gravity and it will be strange to keep your arm up too long, but it will help to improve your shots. 

4. Taking Too Long to Aim

Many archers took a long time in aiming and then they held it for too long. They think that the longer they aim, then the better shot. This is not the case. When you pull a bow to full draw, you can feel the tension and over time this becomes heavy. It will make your arm slowly start to shake and this is when it makes it very hard to hit your target. You should look at your target and start to aim before you have even lifted the bow. Put up the bow, secure the arrow, and before you pull the bowstring back look at the target again. Focus on that target and release it afterward. 

Once you know the mistake that you are making, and you are aware that you’re doing it, it is very easy to correct. By correcting any of the issues mentioned, you will be closer to getting those targets and be the archer you want to be. Remember, practice makes perfect. It’ll make you even more motivated to practice if you have the best bow case or arrow quiver in class.