Why You Should Stage Your House Before Listing

Staging is getting more popular every year, with new staging companies and tips seeming to pop up every single day. Some sellers are still on the fence, but with little reason to be! Staging a home is a guarantee to sell your home faster and for money. Here are some ideas to stage your house before you list it!

Give The Appearance of a Well Maintained Home

Whether or not they realize it when people see a clean or staged home, their mind equates that to a well-maintained home. They’re less likely to notice things that would put them off, and they’re more likely to picture themselves in the house.

How much is my house worth,’ is typical question sellers ask themselves- but it shouldn’t be something the buyers should have to think about too much! Give them the impression of value and expense, and let them feel like they’re getting a bargain at any price they get from you.

Lead Their Eyes Towards The Best Points

Staging is useful because you can put in furniture that leads the eyes to what you want people to see. If you feel like the stone fireplace is the star of a room, but aren’t keen on a column by the kitchen, use furniture to lead the eye only to the fireplace.

It can be confusing for someone new to interior design, but once you get the hang of it, you can use it as a highlight reel of your house’s best features. Of course, you should always be honest if there’s a wine-stained carpet, or a scratched up glass door from pets, but let them gloss over these flaws on their own. 

Allow You To Pack To Move

Using staging furniture gives you the reason, and opportunity, to pack your belongings. Instead of trying to pack at the last minute when your home sells, you can move on with your life while it’s on the market. If you’re living in the house still, or there are touches a little too personal, it can be harder for potential buyers to picture themselves in the home. Staging furniture separates you from the house for both of your sake.

Bottom Line- Staged Houses Sell

Several recent studies have found that not only do staged houses sell faster, with 95% selling in just the first eleven days, but they also sell for more money. If you want your home to go quicker and for more money, staging is your best bet.

Although it may take time and upfront money, it’s better that you put in this effort. View it as an investment on which anyone can quickly get a substantial return. If you’re not sure about staging your home yourself, you can look up tutorials on YouTube, or countless DIY sites- or even hire a service. Selling a house is a way to make a lot of money if you do it right, so make sure to take every step you can to increase that.