How To Get Wild Animals Out Of Your Montana Home

The diverse terrain of Montana is home to different animal species. Although this US state makes for an excellent home for wild animals, some critters may deviate from their natural habitat and travel into your home. If you ever find yourself face-to-face with a wild animal in this state, here are three ways to help you get those creatures out of your property:

Don’t Panic

If you encounter a wild animal in your Montana home, the first question that might appear in your head is, “How to get rid of wild animals?”  Now, your mind fills up with different scenarios that may or may not get rid of the critter from your property. 

But, those thoughts can come careening into your mind to make you overthink. Overthinking can lead to panic. Then, you’re stuck staring at the beast with a confused look on your face. 

So, the first step to getting rid of wild animals from your Montana house is to remain calm. Panic will only make things worse. Some creatures even can sense fear. Once those animals feel that you’re afraid, their beastly instincts might kick in for them to become ready for an attack. 

Furthermore, if you remain calm, you should have a sufficient amount of mental clarity to think for an appropriate solution thoroughly. 

Know The Creature

Information can be a powerful weapon when dealing with pests in your Montana home. Take note that different animals require different solutions for leading them away from your property. 

Some of the wild animals, and the respective ways to remove them from your property, are the following:

  • Rats – Find all places of entry and seal all of them but one. Trap the critters with mouse traps coated with pieces of food to lure them out. 
  • Skunks – Stay away from these wild animals as they will spray a smelly substance on you if they sense danger. Use a cage attached to a long pole to trap them.
  • Raccoons – These animals like to stay in different areas of the house. Remove the young raccoons by hand. But, trap the adults to remove them from the premises. 
  • Squirrels – These small critters tend to be harmless. But, they might enter your home to forage for snacks. Use a repeater trap in their primary area of entry to safely remove them from the property. 

Remember, wild animals that invade your home can come in different shapes and sizes. You may handle small creatures, but certain beasts might require professional assistance. For example, grizzly bears can enter your property, particularly if they smell something delicious cooking in your backyard. 

Don’t attempt to fight or scare the bear as it might retaliate. Instead, call local animal removal services to help you. 

Maintain Patience

Wild animals are akin to uninvited guests in your home. So, you’d want to make these pesky creatures leave as fast as possible. Unfortunately, these animals can’t understand human speech. Hence, screaming at the critters to make them leave might not be the most effective solution. 

Instead, maintain patience at all times. For instance, the bear from the example above might still be roaming around your background, looking for food. Wait for the animal removal services to arrive at your home. Don’t attempt to get near the wild animal or you might suffer dire consequences. 

Another example of why it’s essential to remain patient is that some animals tend to wait until nightfall to move around the property. Some examples include raccoons, rats, and bats. 

So, spring your traps during the day, and wait until night to spring the trap. You might find it a pleasing view to see that your trap worked by the next morning. 

Waiting can be an essential part of getting rid of wild animals out of your Montana home. Some creatures might stay hidden because people are still roaming around the property during the day. These critters may start to wander around the property at night because the sounds of talking, walking, or other activities are gone. 


Remember, don’t panic, maintain patience, and know your “enemy” when removing wild animals from your Montana property. If you don’t know what to do to get rid of the pesky critter from your house or lawn, it’s best to call professional services from the start. Don’t attempt to scare beasts, especially if you show fear. Some animals can sense this feeling and will attack you. Wait for the animal removal services to arrive so everyone in your household can recover their peace of mind.