Unique Advertising Ideas For Small Law Firms

Did you know that you need more than just your knowledge and skill set to reach a top-level status as a law firm? It will take more than your title and law degree for a small law firm to thrive in today’s competitive industry. To attract new clients and gain new cases, as well as to establish your firm’s name in the business, you have to work on improving the firm’s marketing plans. 

Advertising is very critical for the growth of any business as it plays a vital role in retaining clients, promoting your services, building your brand, awareness, and even boosting your employees’ morale. Whether you are a large law firm with a long history or a small law firm that is new to the industry, check out these unique advertising ideas below to help you optimize your advertising strategies.

Ask for Your Clients’ Reviews

It has been proven in recent studies that at least 90% of consumers say that the first thing they check out is review pages to stay in the loop. The majority mof these consumers also make a sound purchase or service subscription based on the positive reviews that they have read. The more satisfied they are from what they see, the more that service is valued. To take advantage of this position, you can work on building your reputation by encouraging your existing clients’ opinions through sharing their thoughts on review platforms like Yelp or on your social media accounts. 

Create Compelling Blogging Content

Thanks to the advent of the internet, researching is part of a consumer’s habits in this day and age. Clients are most likely going to do their research first before finalizing their decision, and their decision is greatly influenced by the impression that you give online. If you want to gain your potential client’s attention, you have to produce excellent content. Creating and maintaining your law firm’s blog is important if you want to solidify your clients’ trust in your services. Through sharing relevant and significant blog articles, you get to showcase your firm’s level of expertise as you become a credible legal resource. 

With the help of a web design professional, you can create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that will attract potential clients and make them stay. If you live in San Diego, for example, you can look up San Diego Web Design and get a list of trusted professionals in the area. Also, make sure that your website includes all the necessary information about your firm, such as your areas of expertise, contact details, and testimonials from satisfied clients.

SEO for Lawyers

If you want your law firm to be the first thing that people see in search engine results, you have to invest in a good SEO campaign. With an effective strategy, SEO experts from https://www.consultwebs.com/ guarantee that law firms will gain more than just a boost in page ranking. A successful SEO campaign will generate more leads, revenues, web traffic, cases, and overall provide a good return on investment. If you do not have an in-house team that manages your website content, you can seek legal marketing strategies through SEO vendors that specialize in law firm websites. However, make sure that you first check the vendor’s design portfolio, notable previous clients, length of service, content writing examples, customer support, and the number of their staff members so you can make a sound judgment.

Advertising Through Podcasting

Podcasting is an industry set to rise to over $1 billion in the next two years. The number of people listening to podcasts in the U.S. has doubled in the last nine years and is expected to keep growing exponentially. Studies have even found that listeners are most likely to visit a website and consider a new service or product after listening to their favorite podcast. If you are willing to venture into this growing market, you can either work with an existing podcast related to the service you provide or launch your very own podcast channel that produces engaging and informative content.

Handwritten Mail 

Emails are overrated. If you want to add a personal touch for non-vital correspondence or holiday greetings, sending your clients’ letters with specialized handwriting will surely leave a lasting impression. It may seem counterproductive when there’s already instant messaging and emails as it can take more time and effort to make. However, your time and effort will surely be noticed and valued. If you have a long mailing list, consider preparing ahead of time or contracting a specialist service to handle your letters, 

Location-Based Targeted Networking

Mobile geofencing targets users in extremely specific locations that they have selected. Through this, you are guaranteed that your ads reach people who are most likely interested in your service. If you want to maximize your ad spending, then integrating mobile geofencing is a good option. 

There are several advertising ideas that can greatly benefit your law firm’s reputation, revenue, culture, efficiency, and status. Ultimately, to find the best advertising strategy for your company, you must take into consideration your budget, preferences, and business requirements.