CBD Dog Foods and its Regulations

More and more people are venturing out into the use of CBD products to alleviate the symptoms of their ailments, as well as to promote an overall well-being. However, CBD products are no longer limited to products intended for humans. Nowadays, there are already several CBD products that are intended for the use of your pets. However, the legality of the use of these products still falls in a gray area. 

In order to shed some light on this matter, here are some regulations on CBD dog foods.

CBD pet products

Over the recent couple of years, CBD pet products have been widely popular because of its amazing benefits to humans and pets alike. Thus, there have been several CBD pet products out in the market, including tinctures, which can be consumed orally. There are even shampoo and hair care products for dogs which are infused with CBD compounds to boost the natural strength and shine of your furry friend’s hair.

FDA regulation on CBD products

With all the craze on CBD products for both humans and pets, it is quite unfortunate that THC and CBD products cannot be sold as dietary supplements. THC and CBD cannot likewise be added to food for humans or animals under the FD&C act. This creates a vast confusion among users of CBD products for their consumption, as well as for their dogs because under the regulation of the FD&C act, this is illegal. Nevertheless, this leads to the second point below.

FDA regulation on products derived from Cannabis

The same FD&C act indicates that ingredients derived from cannabis that do not contain THC can be used in food and dietary supplements for both human and animal consumption. This is on the provision that all the other requirements of the act are met. It can therefore be deemed that broad spectrum CBD treats for dogs are not illegal because the treats are made without the THC compound. Rather, it only contains the essential and pure CBD compounds.

Nevertheless, the act further states that the products derived from the cannabis plant that may contain a thin trace of THC due to the harvesting and processing of the plant are allowed to be marketed as dietary supplements or conventional food suitable for human and animal consumption.

Despite the gray area on the legalization of CBD pet products, its market has continuously been on the rise on the global scale. Perhaps this is because the controversy surrounding the use of these products only entices people to try it out for themselves.

To wrap things up, there are already numerous people who vouch for the effectiveness of CBD products for their health. They even vouch for CBD products used by their pets. However, the legislations revolving around the use of CBD products are not yet well-defined, such that while CBD products are indeed effective, it may be considered as illegal in some states. Thereby, it is important to consider the regulations in your jurisdiction before engaging in the use of CBD products for your pets.