Buyout Of Flood Victims’ Homes Planned, But All Residents Need Flood Protection

Missoula County plans to  apply for a $4 million grant to buy out homeowners whose properties are prone to flooding in the west of the city.  Homes in the area often experiencing flooding, with the floods in spring 2017 and spring 2018 doing particular damage to properties. But homeowners in the surrounding areas can be hit just as bad by flooding, so how should they handle it?

How flooding occurs

Flood water can make its way into a property when there’s heavy rainfall or when a nearby river bursts or overflows. This is what happened in the County in 2018 when the Clark Fork River overflowed. Once water gets inside the property, it can cause damage, which can include contaminating household items with sewage. Erosion of the property’s foundations may also occur as water can affect the structure of soil and rocks.

Photo of Black Foot River Missoula, Montana area - June 2011

Immediate action

Sarkinen Water Damage Restoration service in Vancouver, WA states that immediate action is crucial when you’re dealing with water damage. Any homeowner that finds their home is flooded with water must seek the assistance of a 24/7 highly trained restoration service that has the skills and equipment to remove all the water from the property and return it back to its original state. During this time, the property will need to be evacuated and its inhabitants won’t be able to return until it is deemed safe to do so. When they do move back in, they should constantly monitor for  secondary flood damage like mold growth, as this will require additional restoration.

Flood protection

Just 22 properties in the west of Missoula County are expected to be purchased and the homeowners relocated, so all other property owners will need to consider  their own flooding defense. This can include renovations such as raising the property on stilts so that it’s off the ground. Water sealants can also be applied to the walls of the property to prevent water from seeping in. Appliances and electrical sockets should also be raised to minimize electrical damage. All homeowners in Missoula County should also ensure that their downspouts are directed away from their homes, as this will prevent water seeping in.

Residents in Missoula County are familiar with flooding affecting their homes. While some may not have to put up with it for much longer, others need to understand how to deal with the problem quickly and prevent their homes from becoming water damaged.