Six Great Things to Do When You’re in Missoula

If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation, one great place to check out is Missoula, Montana. In fact, this small western city can be a great destination for families, single people, couples, and virtually anyone else. While many people think of Missoula as a college town, there’s more to do in the area than seeing the school. Here are six of the best things to do in Missoula and the surrounding area:

1. Check Out The Town’s Historical Region

If you want to learn more about the history of the city and Montana in general, check out the region’s historic district. Missoula goes back to the early days of the American west, which means that there are lots of buildings in this part of the town that date back to the 1800s. Reading the signs outside of these old buildings can teach you a lot about the history of the city.

Missoula Laundry Company sign

2. Visit A Brewery Or Distillery

If you like craft beer, then Missoula is a great destination for you! Also, there are plenty of local distilleries in the area as well. Not only can you enjoy exceptional craft beer and spirits at the breweries and distilleries of the region, but you can also find them at local bars. Speaking of bars, Missoula has a very active nightlife scene. The town’s bars and clubs can get a bit crowded during the semester, but it’s likely to be a bit quieter during other parts of the year.

3. Shop At Missoula’s Farmer’s Markets

There’s a lot of farmland around Missoula, and this means that there are lots of farmer’s markets in the area. These fruit and vegetable stands offer fresh produce, which is locally grown. Often, this produce is grown with organic growing techniques.

4. Go Out To Eat

There are lots of restaurants in and around Missoula, and many of them offer great meals at an affordable price. You can choose from restaurants that offer cuisine at all price levels, and you can get just about any style of dish that you’re interested in. There’s a mix of burger joints, high-end restaurants, and international cuisine available in the city.

5. Check Out Garnet Ghost Town

Mining played an important role in the history of the west, and one example of a profitable mine during the days of the old west was Garnet Town. As you would expect, the mineral that was mined here was Garnet. This mineral has been used as an abrasive, and it also has had ornamental value as a gem. In addition, gold was mined there as well. As with many other mining towns in the old west, it became a ghost town once the mineral resources were exhausted.

6. Take A Look At The Area’s Natural Scenery

Montana is often called “big sky country”, and there’s a good reason for that. There are lots of overlooks that offer expansive views. Not only that, but some of the largest glaciers in the lower 48 states are found in Montana.

If You’re Coming From The East Coast, It’s Important To Minimize Jet Lag

While people who travel frequently aren’t as likely to have issues with jet lag, getting a good sleep the first night that you’re in Missoula will help you to overcome jet lag more quickly. So, the first night that you arrive, it’s best to relax in the hotel before checking out the city’s attractions.