Camping Trailers You Need to Try

Having a camper can be an amazing thing; it’s an interesting way for you to hit the open road and enjoy a road trip or camping. They’re even perfect as a home away from home for a lot of people. They can be hauled around with your truck or car, but it’s worth it if you get to experience something new and amazing on your next road trip. 

So, here are some of the best camping trailers that you could go for on your next adventure outdoors.

What Are Camping Trailers?

They are the newest trend in road trips and camping adventures, some people consider them perfect for “Glamping” and it’s something that a lot of people want to try out. It wouldn’t hurt to read this blog post to learn more about it and how you can experience camping in a whole different way. You can have the convenience and comfort while still enjoying the great outdoors. It’s perfect for the people that aren’t big fans of tents, sleeping bags, or finding a quiet corner to go to do your “business”. You can have heating, a toilet, insulation, and a comfortable bed to sleep in when you’re tired. So, with the right trailer that can accommodate your needs, you won’t have to miss out on any camping experience and you’d do it all in complete comfort. And if you need to bring extra equipment with you, then you may consider getting equipment trailers to handle a wide variety of cargo.

The Different Types of Trailers

When you’re out shopping for your camper trailer, make sure you get one that has all the features that you need; your budget will be a contributing factor though. You can look into used bus sales if you have a limited budget and turn it into a camper.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should settle for less, so here are some of the best models that you could buy:

  • R2 Camper: This is a great choice to go for because it has the capabilities of a camper, but with a setup that looks like it’s a caravan. You set it up automatically and won’t take long with a battery for power and a solar panel. It comes with a shower, toilet, queen-sized bed, and slide-out bunk beds to fit more people. You have a small kitchen with a sink, stove, and a fridge. The frame and composite body are made out of strong aluminum and it has a nice distinctive color too.
  • UEV-490 Extreme: It’s a nice pop-up camper that can be used right away, no setup required. It has a fold out bed, shower, toilet, kitchen with slide-outs, sink, compartments for storage, a small dining area that can be converted to a double-bed area as well. Also, it gives you a nice fold-down kitchen bench outside with a pantry space above it. It has two entrances on each side and the body is made out of electro-galvanized steel with a nice army-looking feel about it.
  • Mitchell Travel Trailer: This is an excellent choice, and it won the camper trailer of the year back in 2017. It will need to be set up, but it doesn’t take long. It has a sleeping area with a queen-size slatted bed for better air circulation. The kitchen can be rolled out easily outside with a 2-burner stove, pantry, and a prep tray. The built-in fridge can be accessed from both sides of the camper too with its sliding mechanism and it has a glass-top sink. It comes with a battery to power it and a solar panel to keep the battery going; it also has a cool roll out shade cover. The camper has a decent white and silver design that looks very appealing.  
  • EXP-6 Camper: No trailer can endure the toughest terrain and weather conditions like this one. It’s got a hand-constructed silver body that is moved by a strong chassis that can carry a tremendous amount of weight. It can be easily set up by pressing a button to convert it to camper mode. It’s one of the biggest units available that has room for a couch, T.V, dining table, and the other essentials like the bathroom, kitchen, fridge, stove, sink, and sleeping areas that can accommodate up to 6 people. It’s one of the best choices available and it’s worth the price.

Going on a camping trip can be very relaxing and fun, but it doesn’t have to be a traditional one. Some people love having the luxury of sleeping in bed and relieving themselves in a real bathroom. This can be possible with one of those trailers that are specifically designed to be your best getaway in the open woods. Choose the one that suits you the most, depending on your preference, and budget. Make sure as well to prepare extra rv batteries, first aid kits, etc. when having a camping trip.