The Luxury List: We Reveal the Most Extravagant Vegas suites

The city of Las Vegas is a world renowned ‘resort city’ in the state of Nevada. It is the most populous in Nevada and 28th most populated city in the United States. Vegas is all about traveling, dining, and betting (betway) etc. The beautiful city of hotels, suites and large casinos make Vegas an appealing place to visit. The prominent structures are Nobu Villa at Caesars Palace and Betway online casino. As one of the most famous tourist attraction centers, it boasts some of the most royal hotels and suites you can find. One can have an experience of a life time if he or she relishes the extra ordinary services provided by these top-notch suites in the city. While the gorgeous hotels and suites appeal to tourists, they can seriously dent a visitor’s wallet because these royal hotels and suites don’t come cheap. Just a few nights stay can cost thousands of dollars.

These incredible hotels & suites have marvelous services and features like private bars, chauffeured pick-up and drop-off from the airport, personal butlers and stunning views of the great city of Las Vegas. The most natural and easy approach to figure out which hotel or suite has the most luxury suite offerings is to compare the costs and gauge accordingly. Whichever hotel/suite has the most elevated per-night rate could qualify as the most extravagant and lavish. In any case, there are different approaches to see it also.

Ranking Suites according to their Scores:

Betway Casino conducted a survey and ranked some of the most lavish hotels and suites in Las Vegas, on the bases of their score out of a total of 60 score points. The score points depend on the cost, features and services offered by the respective suites. So, this point scoring system makes it easier for you to select the best suites for your stay and get the highest value for your money. The most important factors among other prominent features and services are as follows:

  • Price per night
  • The quantity of rooms
  • The quantity of bathrooms
  • Stylistic theme
  • Art work
  • Access

The various suites in the great city of Las Vegas have been evaluated against this criterion by Betway Online Casino and assigned a score. The top 5 suites are scored as follows:


The NOBU VILLA suite is ranked at top amongst all the beautiful suites Vegas offers. A night here will cost customers a whopping $35,000, but it certainly provides the value for all this money. By looking at it, this suite definitely brings something different and supports a unique look in comparison with the other Las Vegas hotels. The design is ultra-modern owing its style to  Japanese-inspired elements. The artwork around the suite is quite impressive as well. It also offers the best in-room spa experience like massage services and private Jacuzzi/hot tub. The suite has hosted top celebrities and multi-billionaires. It’s the largest suite in Las Vegas, with an area of 10,300 sq. ft. No wonder, they have built a separate building for this uber-luxurious hotel experience. A private elevator takes the guests to the suites covering the elite security perspective as well. It lacks a bit on the number of bathrooms offering o.5/person. However, other amenities sure make up for it and make this the most expensive suite amongst all in Vegas.


The next best suite according to the point scoring system is the Encore Three Bedroom Duplex at Encore with 43 points. A night stay costs almost $8,000 which is quite normal as compared to the other suites having 40+ points. The suite covers an area of 5,829 sq. ft in total which makes the price of the suite very feasible i.e. $1.37 / sq. ft. With views of the glittering Vegas skyline, this suite offers a massage room and private elevator connecting the two floors. The Encore three-bedroom duplex at Las Vegas flows seamlessly under one roof and boasts upscale facilities like a Zen spa, marble baths, billiard room, private massage and exercise room and butler’s pantry. Along with a private bedroom, the first floor offers a dining table, work space, wet bar with service.


The next top-notch suite is the Presidential Suite at The Palazzo, costing $25,000 a night. This suite is filled with extravagance too. Featuring personal room services and balcony Jacuzzi, this suite is one of the finest in Sin City. You get VIP check-in and chauffeur, as well as your very own 24-hour butler. Its total area is 6,651 sq. ft. This means that its price is $3.76 per sq. ft which makes it the most luxurious suite in terms of price/sq. ft.  It’s like a home on its own with spacious bathrooms, dedicated work desk, workout room, massage parlor, media room, and dining area.


By comparing the cost, size, facilities, style, artwork, restrooms, and different comforts, the most luxurious and pleasurable suite in Las Vegas is the Nobu Villa at Caesars Palace. It’s just on a whole different level according to the design and services. This suite is class apart from the different suites you’ll get to see in the great city of Las Vegas and surely justifies the high price tag. With a full bar, eight-person dining area, and barbeque pit, this suite offers the ultimate dining experience too. You can even have a Nobu chef cook some Japanese cuisine for you. This experience is really opulent and extravagant and you can have this once in a life time experience if you want to feel regal.