Food Related Businesses to Try in Missoula

In a time where economies are failing and salaries are barely enough, people are resorting to investments to make ends meet. Many are starting to come to the realization that they need something on the side–a business of their own, perhaps to help them achieve financial security in the future. Some resort to the stock market or real estate to try and make use of what little money they have, while others start their own companies. Living in Missoula, you should definitely try your luck with the food and beverage industry. We have made a list of some food and beverage businesses that could prove to be successful in Missoula. 

A food truck

Doesn’t sound like much of an entrepreneurial endeavor? Well, it actually is. A mobile food truck is one of the best food related businesses you could try your luck with. For starters, it is quite affordable. You don’t have to pay as much money as you would if you were to open a restaurant. And there definitely isn’t as much permits and paperwork to be done, so you will also be saving time and you could get started as soon as possible once you figure out your niche. Missoula being the open and green space that it is, a food truck is definitely a great option because you will get to take it wherever you want and offer your services to people around the place.

Frozen beverage distributor 

Frozen drinks were and always will be popular. People just love them. They are especially welcome in those hot summer days where you are just dying for a cold drink. It is now more economical than ever to get into this particular business, because frozen beverage dispensers are more efficient than ever. You can learn all you need to know about these machines by reading up a bit on why they are quite the clever investment in this day and age. It even gets better; you don’t need to own a restaurant or a store to use one of these dispensers. You can just have it at home –– as it requires minimal maintenance and is quite easy to use –– and you can make those drinks within the comfort of your home and sell them in the streets or perhaps online. Believe it or not, those frozen beverages are also quite sought after even in winter, so you can run this business in particular around the year.

Catering service

This is definitely one of the best options for food related businesses to try out anywhere, not just in Missoula. People have birthday parties, farewell ceremonies, graduation celebrations, and a ton of other events around the year. By providing them with a catering service, you are ensuring that you can always find work whenever you need. The great thing about this direction is the fact that you can actually do it on your own at home without the need for hiring more people. Smaller events and gatherings are quite manageable, and –– if you’re good in the kitchen –– then you’ve probably hosted your fair share of similar events and cooked for a large number of people in the past. Obviously, bigger events like weddings require more people, but that is your choice to make, and in any case, you will be starting small.

Specialty food 

We live in a time where people are a lot more conscious about their eating habits, and many have taken on stricter dieting options. You will find that there are a lot of people that eat gluten-free foods, whether it is because of allergies or any other dietary restrictions. There are also vegans and vegetarians, and others who might not have it easy when it comes to finding their preferred foods. This is why this is such a great food related business. You just need to start learning how to cook these specialty meals, and you can start catering to this very large crowd of people who can’t always find what they are looking for anywhere. 


This is a pretty great option if you have the money and would like to get into the F&B industry without trying to come up with a concept and marketing plans. Investing in a franchise is a great way to dive deep into the world of restaurants and making some good money, too, if you know what you’re doing. You just need to do a little market research to find the right franchise, and then you can bring it home to Missoula. 

The F&B industry is a great one to invest in, but it is also very risky. If you are not careful and meticulous, you can lose everything, because it is not exactly the kind of business that you can invest in and manage from afar. So, you need to put in the time and effort, and the rewards are quite worth it.