Can Any LED Light be Used as a Grow Light?

Growing plants indoors can be a fun hobby and it can also be a good way to grow plants or vegetables. As you begin your growing process you will start to learn some things about growing plants indoors. You may learn about the various types of plants you can grow inside, how often they will need water, and the nutrients they require to grow big and strong. However, when it comes to what kind of lights to use for your plants you may be left with more questions than answers. 

There are many different types of grow lights on the market and it can be hard to find factual information. You may be wondering if you can just use any LED light to help grow your plants, but unfortunately, it is more complicated than that. To answer your question, can any LED lights be used to grow plants? The answer is simply no. You cannot just use any normal light to help grow your plants. 

There are only certain lights that will actually help your plants grow and you will need to make sure you do not purchase one that is not meant for growing plants. 

Benefits of LED lights 

Using LEDs to grow your houseplants offers many benefits for both you and your plants. The one great thing about these lights is that they use a lot less energy than other lights, which will save you a lot of money in the long run. Also, they come in many different styles and often times you will be able to find one that provides the perfect wavelengths for your desired plants. Also, LED plant lights tend to produce lower heat as they focus all the energy on producing quality light instead. This will benefit your plants because hot lighting options can actually burn your plants and that can be especially damaging if your plants are weak seedlings.

It is not uncommon for a whole crop of seedlings to be wiped out due to hot light. You can check out this page published here to learn more about LED lights and it’s longevity.

High quality light 

When you are looking for a light bulb that will help grow your plants, you will need to make sure you seek out only the highest quality lights. Low quality lights saturate the market and can make it difficult to pinpoint the best grow lights for your plants. The problem with using low quality LED lights is that they will not be able to provide the right amount of light your plants need to help them grow. The plants you have indoors will likely not get much sunlight so it is important to give them the best possible lighting so that they can convert the light into energy to grow big and strong. 

LED grow systems provide coverage

When it comes to LED lights, sure you could use a standard bulb if you don’t really care about your plants and their growth, but if you really want to get the best lights meant for growing big plants, make sure you look at the complete list of growing systems available. LED grow systems are fully incorporated grow light packages that have been specifically designed to grow big plants. These systems are far from your average bulb and the lights themselves are often large and flat which offers a larger coverage area. This allows you to have more plants under the same light. This is an efficient use of space and energy and their flat design will allow your plants to grow straight and evenly since the light is fairly distributed. There are many grow packages in the market but you want to make sure you get the best one for your needs. 

Grow Light Info has filtered through hundreds of different grow lights and has comprised a list of the best LED grow systems available. If you want to look at their list you can click here to check out their top-rated grow systems. One of my favourite packages right now is the King Plus 1000 because it covers a very large area and the lights have a nice red colour. It can be difficult to find the right lighting system for your plants and it can be time consuming to research the ins and outs of every LED light on the market. That is why it is important to do your research and listen to the professionals because they will be able to help you get set up and growing large plants quickly. 

Light spectrum 

In order to make your plants grow, you will need to get a grow light that emits the correct spectrum of light. Typical LED lights do not offer the correct spectrum of light that your plants need to grow properly. When you are looking at lights you will want to make sure you get one that has lots of color. Typically, the best functioning lights will have blue, red, and pink colors in them as these are what the plants like best. Your typical household LED light simply does not have the correct colours or light spectrum to grow big healthy plants. I am not saying that they will not work at all, but trust me you will not get anywhere near the same results. 

If you are thinking about growing some plants in your home make sure you remember to do your research before you start because this can save you from a lot of needless trouble. Naturally, as you are starting out, you will not know everything about growing the largest plants but if you remember to use the proper lighting for your indoor growing, then you should be well on your way. Make sure you remember that not all LED lights are created equally and that while a normal LED light may be able to keep some plants alive, it doesn’t mean it will help them grow big and strong. If you are looking to grow the biggest and strongest plants you will need a grow light with the proper light spectrum and lots of red colour. Always remember to do your research before buying new lights for your plants and spend a little bit of extra money for the quality lights.