18 Home Improvement Ideas

  1. Boost Kitchen Storage

Having more storage in your kitchen is always necessary. Take advantage of unclaimed wall or corner space with open shelves.

  1. Embellish the Entrance

Order a new front door from local door suppliers. Alternatively, you may frame your front door surround with millwork and paint to coordinate it with your home exterior. This pulls elements of indoor style outdoors to give your home a sophisticated look.

  1. Give the Fireplace a Facelift

A fresh coat of paint on the fireplace can make a huge difference. Before you start, make sure you give it a clean to get rid of excess soot and dust. You also need to apply a stain-blocking primer to the clean fireplace.

  1. Stop the Clutter at the Door

Your hallway is the place that gives off the first impression of your home. Make sure it is clean and tidy by purchasing furniture to hang your coats up on and to hide your shoes inside.

  1. Get New Light Fixtures

An impressive light fixture can add character to any room. Good lighting can also add ambience. An interesting pendant or chandelier instantly improves a rooms sophistication.

  1. Get an Extension

If your family is getting bigger but your home is the same size, you may need an extension. Opening up the space in your home will make it less cluttered and make it a more comfortable living space. Take a look at home equity loan requirements if an extension exceeds your budget.

  1. Get Some Modular Shelving

Modular shelving improves blank wall space and storage capacity. If you go for white modular shelving units you can use various books and display pieces to add colourful interest to your white space.

  1. Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

You can revive your carpets and improve the health of your family by having your carpets professionally cleaned. Vacuuming removes topical dirt, hair and dust but a reliable carpet-cleaning service like carpet cleaning tulsa removes allergens, dust mites, grit and stains.
Carpet cleaning can also prevent mold and mildew growth.

  1. Add Some Greenery

Landscape the walkway to your front door to create natural beauty and texture. It is also a way to deliver big personality and keep your home fresh and inviting.

  1. Change Shower Heads and Taps

Over time, shower heads and taps can become riddled with limescale that is difficult to remove. Having shiny new accessories in your bathrooms can make a world of difference. Going for slightly more modern and chic taps and shower heads can make your bathroom seem more luxurious too.

  1. Get an Outdoor Path

Having a path that leads through your yard can create a welcoming atmosphere. You can create an understated and casual look with irregular-shape flagstones. A path will also be practical in the winter months when your garden is muddy.

  1. Boost Bedside Storage

For a small bedroom. You could repurpose an old storage basket and hang it near the head of the bed. This means it will not take up floor space but will add another storage solution to put your books and phones on an evening.

  1. Update Your House Numbers

Change your old, rusty door numbers for more readable and prettier door hardware. You could also add a planter under your house number to add a touch of color.

  1. Create an Office Space

All you need for an office is a desk and a chair. Find a little unused corner in your home to make a small office area. Accessorize it with plants and a framed print for a touch of inspiration.

  1. Update Kitchen Countertops

If you have had the same kitchen for years, your countertops are probably damaged, stained or simply outdated. You could go for an all new kitchen countertop installation or you could give your countertops a makeover for less by applying sticky-back vinyl for a cheap and instant facelift.

  1. Paint or Wallpaper a Wall

A lick of paint can brighten any room and adding wallpaper can make a room feel completely different. If you’re feeling brave, you could go for something bright and colorful to make your home feel unique and attractive.

  1. Paint Bathroom Tiles

Buy some tile paint and some stencils to recreate a cement tile look in your bathroom without having to rip up the entire floor. Add a cute rug and it will transform the room in just a few hours.

  1. Get Kitchen Rollouts

Rollouts are an easy and satisfying upgrade you can make to your kitchen by bringing everything that is tucked out of sight in the back of your cabinets right to your fingertips. They give you more storage space that is easily accessible too.


Many of these high end home interior renovations can be done in a very short time. This means that you can complete an odd job every weekend and before you know it, your house will be visibly improved which means you might be finally able to have the in-laws over for dinner or host a party to show off your new and improved home.