Tips to Buying Your First Car

Ever had that one thing that you’ve wanted to own for the longest time, but when you get to the market, you get confused and overwhelmed by the choices… even with money overflowing in your account? It’s sometimes the same scenario when buying your first car. The thing is, there are so many considerations and factors that you have to consider before signing on the dotted lines and finalizing the deal. In addition to this, buying a car is a huge decision and perhaps one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. So you want to ensure that you have all that it takes to make it a worthwhile decision, especially because nothing beats the feeling of being handed the keys to your dream car and being the one to break its speed limits! Don’t try this though! 

Here are killer tips to buying your first car.

1. Kick Start Your Priorities by Determining a Budget

Before you get to see the make or model, you need to define your budget. Because come to think about, most first-time car buyers have unrealistic expectations and desires. You may have a 2003 Rolls Royce phantom car, but your budget can only allow you a 2019 KIA RIO LX sedan. While both options will provide you with the means of transportation, your budget dictates your purchase. In addition to this, it may also be that you prefer second-hand cars, not because you don’t have the funds to support your purchase, but because you want to try out an old-school driving experience. Either way, your budget determines the type and make of the car you drive.

In case you’re unable to raise the costs to purchase your car upfront, car financing can also be a viable option for you. But even then, you still have to stick to a budget. The folks at Money Expert say that comparing car loan deals from various providers is the best way to ensure that you get into a financial commitment you’ll comfortably be able to keep up with. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you have a good credit rating since having a good credit score can attract cheaper interest rates on personal loans.

2. Locating the Best Car Dealer

Once you have your finances in check, the next step would be to find a Car broker or car dealer. Today, this can seem like a painstaking task because, in almost every corner or side of the road, there’s a car dealer billboard, with car dealer shops in almost every street of major cities and towns. One thing to take note of is the customer service they’ll provide you the minute you walk in… it’s to die for! It leaves you with the “now this is my type of dealer” feeling! Be cautious though. Whether selling online or offline, below are things to consider when choosing the best car dealer:

  • Experience
  • Honesty
  • Good reputation
  • Licenses and

You’ll also want to ensure that you know the car dealership language. This is because some car dealers may attempt to upsell you. If you’re looking for the best deals, be sure to check this out

3. Take It on A Road Test

The first cut is always the deepest. This couldn’t be any truer because more often than not, your first experiences can impact your future experiences. You’ll always remember the feeling you had when the gas pedal was all the way down to the floor, the first time you heard your car engine rev, and the first time you popped open the hood! These are among the many things you need to experience on your first car purchase. Don’t let anyone take this from you. It’s that sacred folks! Before making the final purchase decision, ensure that the car dealership will allow you to test drive their cars. This can help you weigh up several variables that may include:

  • The overall control layout
  • Seat clearance and height
  • The steering feel
  • The throttle tip pin
  • Front visibility
  • And comfort

So if the guy trying their best to make a commission out of your purchase will not allow you to take a test drive, why not try the car dealership across the street?

4. Enjoy Your Ride

Finally, it’s important to be proud of what you’ve achieved. For instance, taking a road trip with your buddies or friends can be an amazing way to see how it handles different road options. Enjoying your ride comes at a cost. You’ll, of course, need to fuel your car, take it to a VW Auto services shop for maintenance and checkups, pamper it, and ensure that you have better driving skills than the other motorists. Essentially, owning a ride is like having a girlfriend or boyfriend who never complains!

There you have it; it’s as simple as that. You want to ensure that it’s the right decision to make. Because come to think about it, some decisions can be instigated by peer pressure. It’s therefore imperative to ensure that you have clarity of mind before making this one big purchase, your first car purchase!