Tips on Cleaning a Big House

Are you tired of cleaning your big house only to find it as dirty as ever? It’s a common thing that happens to people who live in big houses. Somehow, the cleaning never ends, and you’re slowly losing the will to keep up.

If that’s the case, you might just need a new strategy such as calling on companies like Indianapolis Maids. Having a big house is great for many reasons, but maintaining it clean can be a bit overwhelming at times. Now, you don’t have to move into a smaller one just to catch a breath.

A few simple tips and tricks can help you keep the house clean at all times. Some of these you can do by yourself, while others you’ll have to share with the rest of the household.

1. Avoid clutter

The best way to achieve a clean house is to avoid clutter in the first place. Different items piled in various places always look messy and dirty, regardless of what the actual pile contains.

Nobody likes to see a pile of clothes on the bed, so you might want to work on your habit of putting things back in place. For this, every item in your house must have its own place that everybody knows of.

Try using the five-seconds rule and just do it. Although it seems easier to leave things right then and there, it’s not. You’ll thank yourself later for taking the five seconds to return the item in its place.

Now, you’ll have to tell this to everybody else in the household as well. Let them know that all the stuff that’s out of place will be thrown away.

2. Try having a schedule

Schedules are great, although they’re a bit tricky to use for some people. If you’re busy with work, children, and lots of other unpredictable things, you probably cannot stick to a schedule as well as you’d like to. But still, you can try, and a little bit goes a long way.

Set a different day for laundry, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, and other tasks. It may seem overwhelming, but having a schedule like that will help you get in the routine of doing these things.

Once you’re used to doing laundry on Monday, you won’t even feel like it’s so daunting like it used to be. Plus, having all these cleaning tasks listed in front of you will help you remember doing them.

Of course, you can tweak the plan a little, depending on your other engagements for each day. However, it’s important that you do at least some cleaning every day so that you stay on top of the schedule.

3. Clean as you go

Your kitchen is going to look like a mess if you only clean it once a week. This area of your house, as well as several others, might need your attention every day.

If you’re cooking every day, you probably know the struggles of stains on your counters, stove, and maybe even the kitchen floor.

You don’t have to clean the kitchen right after you’ve cooked a meal, but make sure not to leave it dirty and go to bed. Take a few minutes and wipe the counters while you wait for that pasta to boil.

The same goes for the rest of your house as well. If you can take a few minutes to clean the bathroom sink, it would make all the difference in how it looks over a few days.

4. Invest in a reliable vacuum

Clean floors are essential for every house, regardless of how big it is. Still, the floor area is much bigger in a large house, which is why it stands out even more.

Having clean and well-kept floors makes all the difference. While your maintenance routine has a lot to do with this, it’s also important to invest in a powerful, reliable vacuum.

For a big house, you want something easy to maneuver with and carry around. It should have a large capacity so that you don’t have to empty the bag/bin several times.

On top of that, it should also have either a long power cord or enough battery life to cover the square footage of your home. Over at CleanThatFloor, you can find plenty of vacuum cleaners that fit in that description.

5. Get some help

While you can always hire a cleaning service, it’s not what we’re referring to right now. Instead, ask other members of your household to step in and step up. Tell them what you expect from them to do and when.

If you have kids, don’t hesitate a moment to include them in cleaning and maintenance. While they probably can’t scrub the bathroom, they can make beds and fold the towels. That would leave you with more time to focus on the big things.

Also, you might want to consider getting help in the form of a handheld or robot vacuum. A handheld would be perfect for your kids to use in their room or to clean the staircase.

On the other hand, a robot vacuum would help you maintain the floors. It’s a great help because it works while you’re away or busy with something else.

6. Keep all the supplies in one place

The key to cleaning a big house is probably in how well-organized you are. Now, don’t worry if you don’t typically consider yourself organized, because you can still achieve great results.

For starts, you want to have a bucket of supplies ready to go. This way, all of the stuff that you might need is right there, and you don’t have to look for it.

If you have to wash the hardwood floors, the last thing you want is to go through the house looking for your mop. Have a little nook in the garage or your storage room where you’ll keep mops, brooms, vacuums, cleaning chemicals, and other tools and supplies.

Having it neatly in one place makes it much easier to tackle big cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and washing windows and mirrors.