Sustainable Pet-friendly Living

As an avid pet lover, it’s prudent that you swear allegiance to living an eco-friendly life with your pet on board. There are millions of pets worldwide, and they can have a significant impact on the environment. If you are dedicated to green living as a human being, your pets need to be considered in that context as well. Luckily, it’s possible to lead a sustainable life together with your furry friends if you know how to go about it.

Maintain sustainable living practices with your dogs is achievable. You only need to know the right practices that enhance your day-to-day interaction with your cat or dog. Green living with a pet doesn’t mean demeaning them off their basic needs. It’s less a change in lifestyle, meaning you and your pets will enjoy a longer and healthier life. It doesn’t require expert skill as long as you know how to cater to the pet’s needs such as knowing how to shop for the best wet dog food for small breeds and the like.

You Will Achieve Sustainable Pet Living If You:

 Buy Pet Products Cautiously

The pet product market is awash with products that aren’t pet and environmental friendly. You need to identify products made out of toxic plastic and other harmful chemicals; you need to be as careful as you are when buying your households. Don’t buy bedding or grooming products that aren’t organic. You should read product labels whether you are buying dog shampoo or cat litter. Don’t choose leashes that are BPA or vinyl-based. You can choose a leash made out of hemp.

Purchase Sustainable Pet Food

There are many dog food brands out there. Some aren’t what they claim to be. To be safe, consider buying organic foods. If the ingredients on the labels seem strange, look for earth-friendly alternatives. In addition, you can DIY your pet food and keep the harmful ingredients away. Producing homemade pet food can be time-consuming, but in the end you have pet rations that are free from processed ingredients. You can make your dog treats at home and keep it healthy.

Consult Your Local Vet

When making homemade pet foods, it’s important to consider your animals’ health. You can consult your local veterinarian for advice. Such an expert will give you healthy tips, and they can point out a processed dog food brand that has stood the test of time. If you have to buy processed and packed food, make sure that the containers are recyclable.

Your pet’s feeding dishes can come made out of different materials. You need to know that there are bowls whose materials emit toxins into the pets food once served. You don’t want to risk your pet contracting cancer and other diseases as a result. You can buy ceramic porcelain stainless steel or other containers that are toxin-free.

Manage Your Pet’s Waste

Your pet’s waste can be harmful to the environment if exposed to waterways. Pet droppings can carry disease pathogens that can pollute and contaminate the environment. Make sure that your backyard is cleaned up. If you’re out walking your dog, pick after them if they relieve themselves out there.

To contain dog or cat waste, consider buying biodegradable waste bags. Other plastic bags will choke the environment as time goes. Bags that take a few months to biodegrade are the best option. If you want to keep your cat safe, choose litter made out of eco-friendly material. Again, ensure that the dust that may accumulate in the litter isn’t harmful to the cat.

Organic Grooming Products

Pet lovers want to keep their furry friends smelling fresh all day. It’s prudent that the animals are pet and infection-free. When buying pet repellents, shampoos, hair sprays and conditioners, go for chemical-free options. Choosing organic alternatives that safeguards your pet and environmental ecosystems out there.

There are eco-friendly products that help you combat fleas, ticks and dry skin problems. Equally, organic shampoos are popular not to mention you can make your dog wash using vinegar, aloe Vera and olive oil.

Minimize Electronic and Plastic Toys 

The pet toy market keeps evolving. Today, there are many electronic devices you can buy for your dog or cat. Some are electronic and others are made out of harmful plastics. As a dog lover, avoid the temptation of purchasing savvy digital toys. You will incur environmental costs not to mention the energy lost to keep the digital toys running all day.

Eco-friendly pet management involves the use of analogue toys mostly made of recyclable materials. You can check your local thrift shop for toys that your pet will love at a cheaper price. Surprisingly, pets don’t shun slightly used playthings and it becomes easy to conserve the environment. You get to meet your pet’s nutritional needs and you keep it healthy in the long run.