Did You Know That There Are More Options Than Just Insurance Pet Care Solutions?

Usually, when it comes to pet care, we automatically think about pet insurance plans. But, at the same time, several other approaches can help you tend for your furry friend’s needs.

Read on to discover all you need to know about pet insurance and alternative pet care options.

Increasing vet fees

The overall cost of having a pet is constantly increasing. New tech enables medical vet practitioners to perform complicated medical treatments for a wide array of life-threatening health problems, just like it is the case with human care treatments. But such approaches are quite expensive and this is the main reason why many pet owners opt for pet insurance plans. As such, we can see there is a constant increase in the demand for pet coverage. Nowadays, more than two million pets are insured in the U.S and Canada.How does a pet insurance policy function?

Pet policies resemble quite well human health plans. Pet plans come with several characteristics related to premiums, deductible, or copayments, which in turn limit or enable the amount of money you pay annually. Still, in most situations, pet plans require up-front payment, and a significant claim process timeframe before you receive your reimbursement.

Pet insurance plans differ and can range from basic policies that cover only accidents and illnesses, to in-depth policies that offer complete protection, such as annual checkups, vaccinations, neuter and spay services, or even death benefits. A downside of pet policies is that in most cases they don’t cover pre-existing conditions, while premiums are more affordable if your pet is young and healthy.

The price of pet insurance depends on the insurer and policy characteristics. Still, premiums are established based on a pre-determined set of factors, including veterinary care for a specific bred or age. The average premium for standard accidents and illnesses comes with a coverage of $516, while the average claim reimbursed is $278.

How to choose a pet insurance health plan?

Pet insurance companies, like ASPCA, Embrace, Healthy Paws, Nationwide, PetFirst, PetPlan or Trupanion offer enticing plans, along with several prices ranging from affordable and quite expensive. Overall, to aid you make the best decision, you can use the services available on Petinsurancefinder. This website allows you to check and analyze a lot of different pet insurance companies, including their coverages, features and monthly fees.

If you are working, you can always benefit from lower premiums and extensive coverage by purchasing your plan via your employer. More than 10% of employers in the U.S. provide pet health insurance benefits, as revealed by the Society for Human Resource Management. And the best part about opting for this approach is that such plans come with a discount.What other options do you have to care for your pet?

Some pet owners believe that pet insurance plans are an unnecessary expense. Instead, they propose saving a small amount of money monthly and use such funds in case of veterinary emergencies. Overall, a pet insurance policy can cost between $1,500 and $6,000 over the average life of a pet, and many pet owners never experience such a higher cost for vet treatment. So, if you are seeking for an alternative option to pet insurance, you can create a savings fund for your furry friend.

How to save money on vet bills?

Still, if you are unable to financially support a pet insurance plan, or simply opt for not purchasing one, you can always find alternative ways of saving money. As such, several local animal shelters provide free or affordable spaying or neutering options, along with some vaccination programs. Also, shelters collaborate with local veterinary offices, which offer care at a significantly lower cost for low-income households or senior pet owners.

Of course, a wide array of organizations offers financial assistance to those pet owners who have a hard time dealing with their pet’s issues.

It is best to save unnecessary expenses on pet treatments by getting a prescription from your vet. This will allow you to purchase the medicine at the best price, especially if you get a generic prescription. Keep in mind that treatments bought from a veterinary office are more expensive than it is the case with buying pet medicine online or standard pharmacies.

Many pharmacies can offer pet prescriptions at an affordable rate, along with pet discounts savings programs. And buying online your pet’s treatment can be the best option for you, too. Still, you should choose only a verified pharmacy.