5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Mobile App Development Agency in Montana

The mobile app market is extremely saturated at both ends. Whether you are an individual or business looking to build a mobile application, or you are a development agency, projects are getting tedious and problematic, globally. 

From a business standpoint, the probability of a mobile application turning to profit, being able to retain users, and existing for a long time, is extremely low. For a mobile app focusing on any industry, establishing market share is a huge challenge. 

In terms of development, building a product that provides for a seamless user experience through an impressive interface, is not easy. Oftentimes, a lot of aspects of an idea are lost in translation during execution. 

Major issues arise especially when an idea is formulated by someone non-technical, and that same inventor is dealing with the mobile app development agency to get things done. 

To top it all, developing an app through an agency can be an extremely expensive affair. A lot of people use offshore teams to save money, but then they do not have anyone locally liable for results. 

Of course, there are some amazing offshore teams out there, but a lot of businesses do not ask the right questions and end up hiring a team that may not be the right fit to execute the idea. 

According to Digital Authority, if a mobile app idea is not researched, designed and developed in the correct manner from an early development stage, it is very likely to fail, irrespective of what industry it belongs to. 

To help you select the best development agency for your project, local or not local, below is a list of five questions to start with before you hire a mobile app development agency. 

1. What kind of mobile apps have you built? Can you provide samples? 

This question may seem basic, but it is, in fact, the most important question. You have to realize that you are hiring an agency and not hiring developers to work for you on salary. When hiring an agency, you need to work with someone experienced, or with a company that has experienced developers on the team, even if the company is new. 

The answer to this question needs to be analyzed. You need to go over the work of the agency and assess whether the type of work aligns with your idea. Seeing samples of work helps you analyze the user interfaces they have built, as well as the user experience. It is best to test the software built by any agency you are in talks with just like a user. 

You must also follow up with other questions regarding the applications of the agency’s clients including any challenges the developers faced, and how they resolved problems. Remember, android app development sydney is a complex process and you need developers that can quickly fix bugs. 

2. Can you provide references that can vouch for a good experience? 

In today’s world, most agencies can provide well-designed and impressive portfolios. A lot of agencies may also exaggerate their role in building an application. To take precautions against such cases, it is best to ask for references.

Through getting in touch with references you can ensure that they had a pleasant experience with the agency and would recommend them. You can also make sure that the projects they part-take in are completed within the promised development cycles. This is extremely important as in the app development field there are constant delays. 

Additional steps like following the agency’s account on LinkedIn and checking the recommendations of the founders or lead engineers of the company are also advisable. 

3. Do you think a mobile app is the best technology solution to present my idea and product? 

A good agency will answer this question correctly and help you assess how to garner results on your objective. Especially if you are a non-technical businessman or founder, you need to verify that your idea is best suited for a mobile app development journey.

According to an article on Forbes, there are many factors to consider before building a mobile application, and it is important to be sure before you enter this saturated market. A professional agency will guide you through the process and suggest the best development process for you. 

The app development agency you use should be able to justify your app idea, just as well as you can. 

4. Can you build all the features we need? Do you have experience in building similar features in an app?

Every application must have unique features but with the current market, most unique features are a result of a creative decision and not an invention. 

Anything that you can think of is out there in some form. An agency should ideally have experience in building something similar to what you are trying to build, especially in the case of unique features of an app that often are your selling point. 

It is extremely crucial to keep up all of the latest mobile app development trends, and the agency you hire should be able to develop all of the features that are trending in the market. Even if your app doesn’t have these features initially, the development team should be able to incorporate features in updates if you take a certain direction with the app. 

5. How well do you understand my idea and my area of business? 

Agencies should be able to look at your pitch and analyze what space they are developing the application for. 

Experienced agencies make an effort to understand your business model, your customers and give tips based on the same. They think ahead, so before they get on that first call, they should have some insight for you regarding what they can do for your specific niche. 

According to TechCrunch, development agencies need to understand that they are building a mobile app business and not just an app. 

It is better if they have worked on a similar niche as yours and built an app accordingly, as it is very important to build an app keeping future marketing in mind. Technically these days, the marketing department is activated at the development stage. 

At the proposal stage, a development agency should have an in-depth understanding of who your end customer is, and the entire proposal should be tailored to cater to them. It is also essential for them to propose a backend that is customized to suit your business. 

Hopefully, the five questions above help you pick an agency that delivers on your specific goals. Remember to take your time with the pre-development phase in terms of ideation and building the right team, this will increase your probability for quick results, and reduce your risk in the process ahead.