The Relationship Between Casinos and Pop Culture

There are many things that make the pop culture what it is. It’s the clothes people wear, the movies they watch, the music they listen to and much more. So what does it have to do with casinos? Well, many people might not realize that pop culture and casinos are linked. The casino industry has managed to catch up on most tech trends and gave birth to mobile-friendly online casinos. Thanks to this the casino industry is booming and providing a huge selection of online casino games at NoviCasino, 888 Casino and many other leading casino sites. But how are they linked?

The Role of Casinos in Literature

Casinos have served as sources of inspiration for many stories in literature, film, and music, the key elements of pop culture. One of the greatest writers of all time, the magnificent Dostoyevsky was known for his frequent visits to casinos. He almost lost the rights to all his books on a bet he made with his publisher but thanks to his quick wit he managed to escape that situation. The writer used his experiences as inspiration to writing one of his most popular novels, The Gambler. In this novel, the main character faces the ups and downs of casino games much like Dostoyevsky himself did.

Another stark example of the influence of casino games in literature is the book Bringing Down the House which is centered on the events connected to the MIT Blackjack Team. Blackjack is the game that helped them win huge sums of money and be forever remembered in history. This book also served as the inspiration for a movie titled 21.

Casinos and the Movie Industry

The connection of casinos to the underground is something that is frequently the interest of many crime movies. The mob used to do its dirty work in these establishments and managed to establish a few of their own resorts. A lot of movies also feature popular casino card games. Poker is the one that is featured in a lot of films where high-stakes, illegal games are played. Rounders is a perfect example of this. Another example is the illegal game in Casino Royale where Mr. Bond wins an outrageous sum of money by beating Le Chiffre. The Ocean’s trilogy is a series of heist films that center around robbing casinos. The list goes on and on showing that casino games and the movie industry share a fruitful relationship.

What About the Music Industry?

This industry was also inspired by the casino industry. The band Motorhead has a song called Ace of Spades, the most important card in poker and the King of Rock’ n’ Roll Elvis Presley himself has a song called Viva Las Vegas. There are other examples showing the connection between casinos and music.


With all this in mind, it’s clear that casinos have a visible influence on pop culture. Their relationship is beneficial to both parties which is why it will continue in the future.