Microsoft 70-480 Exam: How to Get High Scores Using Practice Tests?

Microsoft is undoubtedly the biggest company creating products that are used all over the globe. It provides both software and hardware technologies for all types of consumers, whether individuals or companies, both big and small. The products provided by Microsoft are known for their performance and reliability therefore they are in high demand.

But to use some of the specialized Microsoft services, you need to have certain skills and knowledge. That is why the corporation offers a whole certification program with different levels that cover various technologies. Due to the popularity of Microsoft and its services, many companies search for the certified specialists with the relevant skills. Therefore, its credentials will give the individuals the opportunity to build a career in software development. They also prove the eligibility that you can work as a Microsoft Certified Developer. All the candidates gain a great boost in their careers after obtaining one of the Microsoft certificates.

There are a number of certifications for a number of specializations on the Microsoft platform. One such credential is known as MCSA: Web Applications. To obtain this certificate, you need to choose one of the exam options for passing: 70-480 with 70-486 or 70-483 with 70-486. In this article, we will cover the details of this MCSA certification and the Microsoft 70-480 test in particular.

Microsoft 70-480 Exam: Key Details

If you are someone who is interested in how web applications work, then look no further because this exam is for you. With Microsoft 70-480, you will uncover the true potential of programming. The certification test measures the skills of implementing and manipulating document structures and objects along with implementing the program flow. Moreover, it covers the knowledge of accessing and securing data and the usage of CSS3in apps. This Microsoft exam is also related to programming in HTML5 with JavaScript. The 70-480 test is also a stairway towards building up to your MCSD credential. So, for more details, please check the Microsoft website Download now .

As for the exam structure, Microsoft 70-480 consists of about 50 questions in different formats. The estimated time for answering all questions is 2 hours. You will need to get the passing score of 700 out of 1000 to qualify. And the exam fee is $165.

Who is eligible to take this certification exam? Even though there are no prerequisites for the Microsoft 70-480 test, it is recommended to have at least one year of working experience with web applications and knowledge of their programming. You should also know a thing or two about the development ofan object-oriented and event-driven model using HTML. Prior experience also helps the candidates to score higher in thistest. And if you are interested in taking Microsoft 70-480, please note that the age limit for taking it is 18 years and above.

Microsoft 70-480 Exam: Important Steps to Score Well

Having an impressive educational background with years of work experience doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will pass the certification exam. The test is a tough nut to crack and requires meticulous and intense preparation through a variety of resources, including online training, books, tutorials, and videos. That is why let’s explore the tips that we want to give you for your successful preparation.

  1. Start with a good study plan

First and foremost, before starting preparation for the test, it is vital that you understand what topics you need to cover. The exam objectives include four major domains:

  • Implementation of program flow;
  • Manipulation and implementation of document structures and objects;
  • CSS3 use in applications;
  • Security and accessibility of data.

It is important that you study all of them according to the plan: complex topics are the first to learn and the easiest ones left for a later time.

  1. Check reliable sources

The relevant study resources are another important part of your preparation. And to prepare yourself with the up-to-date and valid materials, you need to use reliable sources. We recommend you check the official Microsoftsite and the Exam-Labs platform. The first one has developed training guides and comprehensive materials which can be utilized to expand your understanding and get hands-on knowledge. The second website offers premium bundles with practice questions, study guides, video tutorials, and exam dumps.

  1. Use all study materials

First of all, you may try the option of self-study. Or you can help yourself by utilizing instructor-led preparation resources. This is similar to classroom training with one-on-one discussions. The instructor-led courses offer first-hand information to those who need guidance with studying or preparing for the exam. There are also various on-demand trainings, lasting around 3 months.

If you are looking for further help, you can always get it from the Microsoft Virtual Academy. You may also take advantage of Microsoft videos that show how effective and efficient the 70-480 exam can be. Practice tests are great for checking performance by placing yourself in the same situation as during the actual exam. You will know the level of your readiness and find the weaknesses you need to address.

  1. Join a Microsoft community

The most influential way to expand your knowledge base is to jointhe study groups where valuable ideas are shared. There you will also find the experts who are shedding light on how best to prepare for the certification exam and provide useful tips to ace the test. The Microsoft Community is a huge platform with the intellectuals from the IT field who will give you valuable insights into how you can schedule your daily learning.


  • Try not to waste time on questions that you don’t know how to answer. Leave those questions, move on to the next ones and come back to them at the end of the exam.
  • Answer all questions. The exam doesn’t have a negative influence on the overall score. If you don’t know the answer, try to pick the best response. If you are able to guess it right, you may score well. The wrong answer will not decrease the number of points.


The Microsoft 70-480 certification exam is an important test that you need to pass to have a successful career as a Microsoft Developer. So, prepare well and go for it once you are confident in your preparation.