5 Subtle Ways to Start Decorating for Christmas

Everyone has different rules about when they start their Christmas decorating, but getting into the festive spirit can be hard to resist.

If you are impatiently waiting to start the Christmas countdown, planning now may just save you time later. While inflatable Santas, trees, and carols are probably better left until later in the year, you can add a touch of festivity now.

Here are five subtle ways you can start decorating, without going overboard:

1. Party Lights

Fairy lights give a soft, welcoming ambiance, and they certainly remind us of the holiday season. When you choose fairy party lights in generic colors, such as ice white or warm white, they can be proudly displayed year-round. These work well when placed in your backyard and can be strung from fixtures or trees.

Depending on your needs, a solar variety will be low maintenance and might be a good option when a power source is unavailable. Twinkle party lights are magical and will get you in the mood for Christmas.

2. Family Photos

Be creative this year and get your family Christmas cards designed and printed early. For example, Minted offers a wide range of photo Christmas cards, making the gift of sending out holiday well-wishes an easy process.

Choose a theme for your photos, such as glamour, humor or sporty, and pair with quirky seasonal wear. Then, put your family in matching sleepwear for a fun and memorable Christmas card. Once your cards are ready, you can post it proudly on your refrigerator. And if you’ve never created family cards before, this could become a new family tradition.

3. Christmas Candles

The scent of pine, cinnamon, and cloves can all give you a nostalgic holiday feeling. One way you can bring a wintery aroma into your home is with a Christmas-scented candle. This is a subtle way to be festive, and it will have a warm and inviting effect. There are other ways to bring these scents into your home, including room sprays, oil burners, and fresh bouquets.

4. Leafy Wreaths

Wreaths are a sign that Christmas is on the way, but you can still put one up early with a little bit of creativity. Instead of a decorated version, try something understated with leafy greens. Experiment with shapes and positioning and it will quickly become a subtle, yet adored feature in your home. After Thanksgiving, you can add ribbons and ornaments in red, white and gold to give it a fresh twist.

5. Splashes of Decor

Small splashes of Christmas décor can be brought out early. This could be a decorative cushion, red tableware or a few accessories. Strategically placing small touches of merriment around the home will remind you of the upcoming season, without overpowering the space.

With colder weather on the way, natural items work well. Rustic Christmas decorations are subtle yet stylish and can complement a cozy fireplace. As Christmas gets closer, you can gradually add more decorations such as stockings, mantle features, and tree ornaments.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning

Christmas is just around the corner, and now is the time to start planning. In fact, it’s not too early to start your Christmas decorating, as long as you stick to subtle touches. Prepare your family Christmas cards, hang fairy lights, and add a small splash of festivity to your home. Christmas will be here before you know it, and you will appreciate being organized in advance.