The Best Places to Play Keno in Missoula

Traveling the Rocky Mountain West means you’re never short of things to do. From shopping to nightlife, exploration, and art, our little corner of Montana is no slouch in entertainment and experiences. So what about keno players staying or making their way through Missoula? Are we too small to help these gamers find spots to play these classic experiences?

As you might have guessed, the answer is no.

We’ve scoured the local community to help find some of the best places and ways to play, from the rambunctious and rowdy to the quiet and contained. For an afternoon or more, check out these  Missoula hotspots.

If you want to venture deep within the party life of Missoula, then look no further than the Bodega Bar. Located at 221 Ryman Street, this bar and its casino parlor are a great place to meet new people and experience the active local nightlife scene.

Come for the keno, stay for the grill, sports, and an enormous range of cocktails. The Bodega Bar even offers competitions and events throughout the year, such as Halloween costume contests. Turn up at the right time, put in the effort, and the trip might even fund itself if you’re lucky.

Open: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Going Clubbing

One of the more recent efforts of connecting classic games like keno to a fresh audience comes from Feruqi’s. Located on 3128 N Higgins Ave, this bar and club is found right in the center of the city. Feruqi boasts one of the most active youth scenes in Missoula, combined with all of the newest and hottest developments in shots.

Great atmosphere and convenient location in the center of town means that finding a world-class restaurant like The Pearl Café requires only a short walk. Our sure-fire pick for younger players, and those who like to keep their finger on a city’s pulse.

Open: 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM

The Quiet Night

Sometimes the people you want to spend a night around aren’t the loudest. If being able to hold a conversation without raising your voice sounds like the perfect fit for you, then look to the Missoula Club. Located on 139 W Main Street, this club offers old-school appeal within walking distance of a huge range of other Missoula favorites.

This is a classic experience in every sense, with a simple menu and an audience who knows how to appreciate it. Shakes, burgers, chips, pop, coffee, and keno. What more could you possibly ask for?

Open 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM

An Outside Twist

Of course, physical parlors are only one way for players to enjoy a few rounds of keno. There is a different way which, if the others on this list don’t tickle your fancy, might be the right road you’ve been looking for.

Online keno websites today are simple, fast to load, and are available from almost anywhere. Common benefits here include bonus offers and deposit matches, and this is on top of the already superb convenience. All you need to get started on these sites is an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop, and you’re set.

Playing this way, you can create your own parlor at a BnB or a hotel, or almost anywhere you choose. Pick somewhere picturesque and relax.

Open: Always

Make it Missoula

Whether on a break from a world-class trout river or a night on the town, Missoula has a place where you can play keno exactly the way you want. Just be sure to keep an eye out for the other opportunities our city offers, and we’re sure we’ll be seeing you again.