How to Lower Your Business Electricity Bill

If you ask any business owner (no matter how big or small their company is), the number one unpredictable expense that many will say is energy costs. When you take into account that small businesses across the country spend billions upon billions a year on energy, it’s more important than ever to utilize energy efficient practices to help reduce your energy costs. To help make things easier, here are a few top tips on how to lower your business electricity bill.

Get an Energy Audit

As the owner of a business, it’s your sole responsibility to oversee the mechanisms of your company. When it comes to energy consumption, it’s only natural that you will want it to be at its lowest, so getting an energy audit can help establish your baseline energy use and provide you with a clearer idea on ways to save energy in the workplace. There are many electric utility companies who provide free audits, so if you’re serious about cutting down on your energy consumption, getting a utility bill audit is the way to go.

Reduce Peak Demand

Another great way to save on your energy consumption in the office is by reducing your peak demand. The term ‘peak demand’ means what hours in the working day are the highest for energy usage. Peak demand times tend to be around the standard normal office working hours (9am-5pm). During this time, there are various things that you can do to conserve energy throughout the day, such as running heavy equipment during the early morning hours, or staggering work hours and start times.

Program Your Thermostats

If you run a 9-5 workplace, programming your thermostats is one of the best energy-saving tips that you should take on board. Once everyone has left the workplace for the day, there is no need to heat or cool your premises, so even if your workforce’s hours vary, you should use a smart thermostat to manage the temperature throughout the ‘off’ hours.

Turn Off Lights and Equipment

While it may seem like a no-brainer, you would be surprised at how many employees and employers forget to turn off lights and equipment that are not in use. Lights will stay on in areas like conference rooms and break rooms, even if these spaces are not being used, so to keep costs down, you may want to consider installing sensor lights.

Find the Best Deal

No matter the size of your workplace, finding the best energy tariff will help save you money on your electricity bill. Your first port of call should be to compare business energy suppliers, so you may want to visit an energy comparison site like Utility Bidder where you will find more information on business gas and electricity from providers like Crown Gas & Power. And if you need electrical solutions and power distribution maintenance, make sure to consider getting help from the experts.

Getting an energy audit to keep track of how much energy you’re consuming, programming your thermostats, as well as turning off lights and equipment that are not in use are just a few top tips on how to lower your business electricity bill. Whether you run a small business or have a large organisation, making small but subtle changes can make a big difference and help you save tons of money on your electricity bill.