Cyberbullying Has Become A Pandemic

When teens or young kids, as well as adults, use electronic devices to send any threatening or intimidating message to another person, it is cyberbullying. Many will say that bullying has been around forever, it has now become a global issue. An issue so large and intense we are losing our children, our friends and our family members to suicide.

Teens are the largest group that experience cyberbullying. It is becoming more vulgar, messages that are in reference to sexual likes or dislikes, race, and religion, or demeaning remarks pertaining to a person’s physical differences.

When it comes to discrimination of religion, race or sexual orientation, the person who sends that message is committing a crime. Although it can be difficult to prove who actually sent the message, a person can and will be charged with a crime when caught. Many states are now beginning to hold parents responsible for their child’s actions.

The person who receives such negative and malicious messages can go through a wide array of issues. These issues can become lifelong for the victim. Anger, depression, isolation, changes in mood and appetite are some obvious signs to watch for. Open communication with your kids on a daily basis helps the child to feel comfortable talking and opening up. Seeking outside guidance in the form of therapy will also help the child.

When discovered that a child is being bullied, there are websites that can give advice to parents, teachers or other caregivers. They offer suggestions or ways that different apps or sites can be blocked on children’s devices. Famisafe is one such site to read whether you have a bullying issue or not.

This app can help put a stop to cyberbullying, it has location tracking and web filtering as well. It also sends notices about possible bullying issues, porn or other negative issues.

Cyberbullying does not just hurt the victim. The bully themselves can experience some serious circumstances. Students who are found to be bullying others can be suspended or dropped from sports activities, suspended from school for a period of time and also may face legal troubles that can change their future completely.

all parents need to pay attention to how their child is acting if there are unexplained injuries, or “lost” items. Speak up, talk to the leaders and teachers in the school, counselors can be an asset. If the person you speak with, do not do anything, find another adult, or someone in charge to report the issue.

We all need to remember that bullying will only get worse if nothing is done.

Our kids mean too much to allow cyberbullying to affect them, whether the bully or the victim. They need our guidance, teach them respectful behavior, teach them right and wrong, teach them how to treat others, even if they are different.

Important actions to take would be to save all evidence of the bullying, block the person who is sending the messages, and teach the child that retaliation will only make matters worse.

Adults should take charge and inform these kids that the behavior of cyberbullying or physical bullying will not be tolerated, enforce stated consequences, and install needed protections. Working together, we can save our kids, we can help prevent further depression or suicides in our children.