Montana River Cruises: Why You Should Make it Part of Your Trip

Are you planning on making a trip to Montana? Here is why you should do it in the form of a scenic river cruises.

When it comes to vacation planning, scenic river cruises are often a priority for tourists looking to develop a sound vacation plan, no matter where they are going. Montana is no exception, with the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research estimating that visitors to Big Sky Country in 2018 spent over $3.7 billion dollars.

That state revenue came from over 12 million tourists, with river cruises counting for a large attraction for visitors the Treasure State. Discover the excitement of scenic river cruises in the Treasure State right here.

Why Scenic River Cruises?

A lot of vacation planning and itineraries involve a little bit of effort for the tourist, from booking or reserving to discovering how to get where you want to be. Scenic river cruises make vacation planning easy.

Book it, and enjoy it.

In Montana, all you need to do is get there, hop on a boat and enjoy the spectacular views of limestone, wildlife, and fossil remains that have been embedded in the state’s culture for thousands of years.

The 300 million-year-old Meriwether Canyon alone is a sight to behold, with views even more magnificent from a boat cruise that is enjoyed by thousands of visitors to Montana every year. This canyon reaches over 1,200 feet above sea level, and can only be viewed by boat.

The Missouri River also offers a number of river cruises for millions of Montana visitors and residents alike.

Scenic cruises are an ideal vacation plan because you just book it and enjoy it, with little to no extra effort. Of course, there’s nothing better than a Bermuda cruise for example, but as Montana proves, some of the best river cruises are right in your own backyard.

Why Montana?

Why Montana? Why not?

Much of the tourism in Montana occurs on public land, as a result of the largest land exploration project that was ever funded by the United States government. That project is known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and when visiting you will see many tourist locations named after either or both of Captain Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

That is because this team was commissioned in 1805 by the government to explore this land and discover what it was. Lewis and Clark discovered it was what would later become the state we know today as, Montana.

Lewis and Clark were also on a mission to find a way to reach the Pacific Ocean by land, and they found it. Their records and diaries of their findings during this expedition reveals what many tourists today can now enjoy in the Treasure State.

A visit to Montana is like viewing the results of an amazing science experiment, without all of the effort put forth by Captain Lewis and Captain Clark. Tourists from all over the world can now enjoy the fruits of their labors through attractions like a gorgeous river cruise that explores the gates of the mountains.

When planning your next vacation, make it Montana.

Make It Montana

The tourism industry in Montana is a multi-billion-dollar industry that feeds an economy holding over 30 million acres of government-owned land. Over 64 thousand Montana residents depend on this economy for employment, with labor wages in tourism in Montana toppling 1.5 billion in 2018.

Nine in 10 of Montana’s business owners say the wildlife of the state is an integral component of the economy of Montana. It is easy to see why when you get a peek at the seemingly endless possibilities of scenic river cruises that Montana offers.

Montana tourism offers something for every walk of life. When you make it to Montana, start with the Garden City, also known as, God’s Country.

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