What Kinds Of Posts Do People Engage With On Social Media?

Every brand needs to have an active social media presence to compete effectively in the digital space. You may not realize it, but your brand’s social media presence is actually a type of social media marketing. As a brand this forms part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

The image your brand portrays on social media plays an important role in your success online. You can say a lot with a tiny social media post. These posts can even help to give your overall marketing strategy an extra boost. But choosing the right type of content to post can often be challenging, especially if you’re posting social content on a daily basis.

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Posting To Social Media Is A Lot Like Content Creation

Anyone with an online presence wants the same thing – for people to read, share and engage with the content they create. Whether you’re a writer, Influencer or a large corporation, the goal is the same. The more people who interact with your content online, the happier you are.

Posting to social media may sound a lot like content creation. That’s because it is! Creating content for social media is a type of content creation so some of the same basic rules apply.

In digital marketing you need to create awesome content that will grab the attention of readers who are mindlessly scrolling through their social newsfeeds.

To do this your posts needs to attract readers and keep them interested and inspire them to like, share and comment. That’s why creating quality content should be the primary focus when posting to social media.

The Secret To Creating Quality Content

While the entire point of digital marketing is to promote your brand, your social media posts shouldn’t feel like boring adverts. In a nutshell social media posts need to be informational while subtly promoting your brand.

Posts should be engaging, fun,interesting and free of mistakes.Making sure your content creators are well versed on the topics they are tasked to write about is a good place to start. Proof reading and editing is also key when ensuring that the content you publish is of a high standard.

What Sort of Content Should You Share On Social Media?

Social media allows you to create persona for your brand that reflects your values, creativity and professionalism. But while doing so it’s good to remember that you also need connect with your audience on a personal level.

Here are a few types of social media posts and people tend to engage with the most.

  • Eye Catching Words

When deciding on a caption you should always pick something eye catching that will grab the attention of serious and casual readers. Ask a question or use words that create an emotional reaction. But remember you still need to be factual and relevant, or else you run the risk of sounding like click bait.

  • Style and Voice

Everyone creates content in their own style and voice. The means they have a special tone that sets them apart from the crowd. The best content is created when people are able to make a personal connection to the writer. So don’t be afraid to be yourself when posting to social media.

  • Behind The Scenes Stuff

Posts about stuff that goes on behind the scenes are a fun way to share the lesser known parts of your brand with your audience. Your social followers are probably used to seeing standard stuff about your brand online (promotional posts, logos, etc). Behind the scenes photos of how stuff gets done is a great way to keep things fresh and pique people’s interest.

  • Infographics and Images

Social media platforms are very visual based. This is because people are wired to processes visual content 60 000 times faster than text. That’s why images and infographics make for great content. They allow you to convey large amounts of valuable information in a visually stimulating and captivating way.

  • User Content

Another sure fire way to be a hit on social media is by sharing user content. People love when they feel seen by their favorite brands, online publications or celebrities. Sharing content created by your followers (via direct shares or by crediting the content in a caption) goes a long way in building a relationship with your followers.

  • Polls

People love sharing that their thoughts and opinions online. So it makes total sense that polls would be very popular with your followers. Creating polls is also a great way to gather valuable information about your customers likes, dislikes and general preferences with regard to your brand.