Drive Sober to Save Lives

City of Missoula increases patrols to encourage sober driving during the holiday

Impaired driving is deadly driving. Law enforcement is increasing patrols on the roads in the Missoula area, along with the Montana Highway Patrol statewide, around the July 4 holiday to remind motorists to drive sober or get pulled over.

Summer is the deadliest time of year for motor vehicle crashes, with nearly half of all fatal crashes happening in the summer months. Over the last five years, 47 percent of these fatalities involved an impaired driver.

“Sober driving is everyone’s responsibility,” said Missoula Police Department Sergeant Greg Amundsen. “If you see someone who has been drinking, call a cab, order a ride share or offer a sober ride. And don’t be afraid to stop someone from consuming more alcoholic beverages if you suspect they’ve had too much already.”

The physical impairment of driving under the influence of alcohol can happen before blood alcohol content (BAC) reaches .08. Drivers under the influence become less responsive to the conditions of the road, distractions in the vehicle and especially to other drivers, pedestrians and wildlife.

“All drivers should be sober, drive defensively and stay alert,” Sergeant Amundsen added. “And always buckle up. It’s your best defense against a drunk driver.”

Driving under the influence can result in up to $10,000 in fines, court-ordered monitoring and classes and even jail time. Before celebrating, start with a plan for sober transportation. Avoid becoming a statistic or living with the consequences of impaired driving, including injuring or killing someone.

Remember: Drive sober or get pulled over.


This is a Vision Zero message from the Montana Department of Transportation. This and other enforcement and educational campaigns are strategies to reach Vision Zero — zero deaths and zero serious injuries on Montana roadways. For more information about Vision Zero, contact Janet Kenny, Montana Department of Transportation, (406) 444-7417,