How to Earn Money Using Mobile Apps. Read This!

Life is unpredictable; nothing is stable and everything changes from time to time. We all try to maintain our lifestyles one way or another, but sometimes it becomes rather challenging. Some of us need some extra money because of personal reasons or changes in our professional life, but we don’t always have the time or the opportunity to take on a second job. However, thanks to the wonders of the Internet and technology, making a few extra bucks on the side can be as easy as logging into a mobile app!

Save Receipts 

Did you know that by saving your receipts, you could get some of your money back? It is just like saving up coupons, but even better. Now, with the help of some mobile receipt-scanning apps, you get to save up your receipts, earn some money off of it, and even get extra discounts. These apps work in a simple way; all you have to do is to take a picture of your receipt, upload it on the app, then you can either get some cash back, or earn gift cards you can use while buying any related item from any brand.

Take Surveys

Imagine if there was a world where people would pay you for your thoughts and opinions. Surprise, you already live in that world! Some legitimate survey panels like Lifepoints take your opinions for their market research; you go through paid surveys and earn some extra cash. These apps run on a point system—for example, if you have collected 100 points by completing surveys, that translates into $10 in cash to be redeemed.

Get Refunds

We all know that prices change all the time, which is great! There are times when we have our eyes on an item that is way overpriced, so we let it go and wait until its price drops down a bit. Of course, this strategy doesn’t work all the time, so we end up paying the full amount on an item that goes into a discount shortly afterwards! Well, thankfully we have some designated apps to ease that pain. They track your purchases—or your confirmation emails for a planned vacation—and alert you about the price difference when potential savings are detected, in addition to helping you get your money back.


Who knew that you could earn money out of decluttering, or pursuing a minimalist lifestyle? Mind-blowing! There are apps that literally pay you for being organized. Some present the opportunity to list unwanted items easily for other users to buy, while some actually offer a price for them in bulk, and buy them directly from you. So it may be about time you dove into that attic, took out some of the old books, CDs, games or any other unused objects, and turned them into profit! 

Earn Extra Cash Now

We all need to work hard to make a living, but it’s relieving to know that mobile apps are there to support us when we’re in need of some extra money. You may not rake in six figures on your smartphone, of course, but with the right approach, mobile apps can improve your financial state with minimal time and effort. So go ahead and do some research online, see which ones fit your needs and lifestyle best, and give them a try!