Your Home Maintenance Checklist for the Summer

With construction costs in the U.S. on the rise, it can be expensive to make necessary repairs to your home. The best way to avoid spending money on costly fixes down the line is to maintain your home throughout the year. Summer is the perfect time for Missoula residents to check up on their property and ensure that everything is working as it should. Here’s a checklist of all the thing to look out for as you tend to your home in the coming months.

Give Your Home a Walkthrough

The first step to fixing any problem around the home is identifying it. As summer approaches, you should walk around the inside and outside of your home to check for any damage and these issues should be resolved before the colder months hit. You should inspect the roof with the help of professional roofing contractors for any roofing repair and gutter blockages that need to be cleared and replace any loose or broken shingles as these can lead to internal water damage. You should also inspect driveways and walkways for any cracks or settling. Indoors, look at all pipes for any signs of leaking.

Service Your Water Heater

Your water heater tends to get a lot of use during the colder months, so once summer hits its a good idea to inspect for any damage. You should test the pressure valve and check to make sure the vent isn’t blocked. During servicing, you should also flush out the system to remove any sediment that may clog the system. You should also replace the water to prevent stagnation. If you think that a water heater repair is needed, don’t hesitate to do the necessary steps.

Check Your HVAC System

As a Missoula resident, your HVAC system gets plenty of use year-round. Over time, the filters in your heater and air conditioner can become clogged, affecting the air quality inside your home. A clogged filter can lead to mold and mildew and may cause respiratory issues for sensitive individuals. It also poses a fire hazard in the event of an electrical malfunction. You should replace the filters in your heating and air conditioning systems at least once per season, or around every three months. If you have a pet, you may have to swap out filters more frequently.

If you visit Water Heater Hub and read up on your individual situation a bit – you’ll realize that the best way to avoid costly home repairs down the road is by performing regular maintenance on your property. This summer, you should ensure that you address any issues that may be cause for concern in the fall or winter. You should give your home a walkthrough to inspect for damage, service your water heater, and swap the filters on your HVAC system to keep your home safe.