Please Volunteer to Help Save the Dragon

Another 1,500 volunteers are needed to turn Dragon Hollow into an all-abilities playground

What does it take to save a dragon? It takes you! Over 2,300 volunteers are needed to help refurbish and expand Dragon Hollow Play area later this month. Approximately one-third of that number have signed up to date. Another 1,500 volunteers are needed to turn Dragon Hollow into an all-abilities playground.

“We’ve heard lots of people say they will volunteer but do not know when,” says volunteer committee co-chair Bill Johnston, “but we have to know in advance that we will have workers on site when they are needed. The materials have been ordered, the site is being prepared, and we have requested nice weather. Now we need lots and lots of people willing to make magic happen in just a few days.”

Volunteers of all skill levels are needed from Wednesday, May 15, through Monday, May 20. Anyone comfortable using a circular saw will be considered a skilled worker, but there will be plenty of work for those without carpentry experience as well. Volunteers must be at least 12 years old to be on the site, and 16 or over to be in the construction area.

Mike Nugent, co-chair for volunteers with Johnston, adds, “We are making it as easy as possible for people to volunteer. The shifts are only about four hours long, we are providing free, licensed child-care at Southgate Mall and the Missoula Early Learning Center, and we have arranged for lunch and dinner each day, along with plenty of snacks and beverages so no one goes hungry. There is really no reason not to be part of this great community effort.”

Dragon Hollow is located next to A Carousel for Missoula in Caras Park. Missoula, Montana.The greatest need for volunteers is during the evening shifts (5:30 to 8:30 each day), and on the weekend. Several businesses and service organizations are sending groups during weekdays, but evening and weekend shifts are very short on volunteers.

“Some of our volunteers worked on the original build in 2001,” Johnston says. “They remember what a great experience it was and are excited to do it again. Working with others to make a safe and welcoming place for children of all abilities to play will be an experience our volunteers will talk about for years to come. It will make a positive difference in their lives, as well as in the lives of the thousands of children who play in Dragon Hollow each year.”

“I have two small children,” Nugent adds. “I don’t know why anyone who has children who love Dragon Hollow wouldn’t sign up to help. We are creating a place for their children to play, and for their children’s children to play. What a great way to make Missoula an even better place to live!”

It is easy to sign up to help. Go to and click on the VOLUNTEER button. You’ll be taken to a site that asks a few questions and then offers you the chance to choose from available shifts at your own skill level. The site also has a TOOLS NEEDED button. If you have tools you can lend for the duration of the build, please let us know. Tools will be returned to the owner in the same condition in which they were received. If a tool is broken, it will be repaired or replaced. If you are unable to access the site, please call the Carousel at 406-549-8382 to tell us when you can help or what tools you can lend.

Please consider giving four hours of your time for this incredible community effort, and let us know now that you can so do. Together, we can Save the Dragon for generations to come.